Future Events The Great Debate - Will Zoro kill Kaido this arc?

After reading 1002 chapters, what you think zoro will do against kaido?

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I doubt Zoro will kill Kaido. That would be a monstrous feat as no one was able to do so including yonkous. I doubt Oda will pull this in wano but I am a bit open as well about the idea. Lol

To me, Zoro will cut Kaido scales and if Oda wants Kaido to be dead then I see it swinging in two ways

1)all WG members including Zoro landing that fatal hit to kill Kaido.

2)WG defeats Kaido and weaken him to the point that he becomes another WB for Teach.
chances of zoro going up against kaido too along with luffy went up after the sword reveal. the op magazine of the dragon slayer ryuuma helps in that too. Tho I bet luffy still takes kaido's head . after all its his story however it is not a solo fight.
still its a bit disgruntled that zoro , law and kidd may play major roles against yonkos without defeating a commander. Oda needs to sought that out first.
Yes...Zoro kills Kaido based on unpredictability factor just like Luffy fights Mihawk before BB as it was "foreshadowed" otherwise why do you think Oda let Mihawk who is "swordsman" clash with Luffy who is not a "swordsman".....again next foreshadow is Luffy acquired "Nidai Kitetsu"...and it was also "foreshadowed" in Thriller bark that Luffy learns using "sword"...but then worry not...after Luffy defeats Mihawk and becomes "WSS", Zoro challenges Luffy to "sword" duel and Zoro wins and becomes WSS....see?.....anything can happen in OP....all it needs is "one panel" foreshadow......
Indeed, it was foreshadowed from Marineford arc that Luffy will be one to beat Mihawk. Even Nightmare Luffy was a proof. Now with Nidai Kitetsu, it is almost 100%