Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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All facts. He should have be categorized as the STRONGEST VICE ADMIRAL (not including Garp)
I want see his bounty .
Koby also probably got a bounty upgrated after hachinosu. I think this is how Oda will show us VA ranking in strenght.
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He's like that cool charcter with a great stud and calm personality, but lacks investment and screentime.

Ig Bogard might live up to his hype.
We want navy bounties !!!
Ok i just realized

Bounty hunting and bounties have never been this efficiently used thanks to introduction to Cross guild

Now you have actual bounty hunters and bounties have more meaning than just merely hypetool for infamy

Cross guild has prolly become the biggest bounty hunter syndicate 2nd to only Borque Works

I'm looking forward to any major Bounty hunters that come from it.