Private The Incident at Balman Haven


A BG between @Dream and @Mr. Anderson

Away from the four blues and off to the sunset as far as the eye can see, a little offshore island existed that was peaceful due to its treaty to house as many parties though none would ever cause conflict. The pirates and marines would shrug shoulders as they would sit next to one another drinking to their heart's content, though all of this was going to change when two individuals made their way here, one the hunter against another hunter. Two alphas would collide, the setting of it had to happen on an island where there was peace and tranquility despite opposite lifestyles.

Just going back a mere 24 hours as a report of a certain individual had been sighted, with the report being passed onto many faces off the world government alike as den den mushi's a passage of messages with none taking the job due to the location. But one replied "Yes!"

"Geez, look at all of these people. I hate running Rihan's errands. I dont know how he always manages to convince me everytime."

Katsumi made his way casually through the docks, carefully taking in the new evironment while keeping an eye out for Rihan's client. It was busy there and navigating through the crowds of people was proving to be a task. The Client apparently possessed and important package for his Captain. However since he was busy with a WG assigned job, he had managed to convince Katsumi to collect it, to his annoyance.

Where are you guy? I dont want to be here all day, I've got an invention I should be working on.

He knew this was one of the few islands where Pirate and Marines could mingle in peace. But for extra precaution, he wore more casual clothes to blend in. Katsumi walked through the waves of people in Black T shirt and Burgendy colored shorts finished off with black sandals. His white hair and crimson colored eyes however, still managed to draw the attention of a few.

Katsumi scoffed to himself. "Note to self, when trying to blend in wear a hat and shades."

Walking through the crowd as women from the marines, pirates, and all those who come in between, and those who serve neither and none.

His appearance would stick out starting with his spiky blond hair worn in a ponytail that would point upwards, tied by a grey and green bandana that hides his forehead. What would look odd and out of place was his odd garment for his upper body, a skin-tight piece of cloth that ties around the right side of the body, covers his left pectoral, acts as a collar, and as a fingerless sleeve for the left arm, decorated with small pieces of black and green armor pieces with golden spikes. Below the waist, he wears bluish-grey hakama, decorated with golden diamond-shaped ornaments, and black grieves with golden spikes, with sandals for his feet.

He'd sigh under his breath whilst he would appear to trudge with a golden axe that he'd be carrying over his right shoulder. ' Disgusting to have all of these be all cosy before they turn on one another once they cross the reef. So where's this pirate that crossed with Isuka-chan. He must be stopped. '

The name of the man was known more commonly as the Berserk Executioner. He was known for not just bringing an end to those that he would clash with but more for killing everyone he crossed with. With his own brand of justice, if justice is said to be done it will be done there and then. His name, Sakata Kintoki.

@Mr. Anderson
After finally breaking through the crowd, Katsumi finally made his way into the city. Surprisingly to him, while still busy, the city turned out to be less congested than the port. Relief washed over Katsumi as he stood and ran his hand through his hair.

This makes the task of finding this person a bit simpler.

He reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper that Rihan gave to him before he left. It was marked with the location of the meeting. Katsumi opened it and furrowed his brows slightly.

"Damn. Rihan's handwriting is shit."

After a minute he managed to decipher it.

The Golden Pub huh. I have no idea where that is. I guess it wouldnt hurt to take in the environment while im here.

Katsumi put away the paper and strolled casually through the city.

Disgusted at the antics of the inhabitants and the jurisdiction to even allow such is a blasphemy against the world government. ' When I get time away from here, the world government needs to issue a buster call. We are Justice and Justice is absolute. ' I would be visibly seen clenching my fist alerting those around me.

* cough * ... " Lost a bet to hold this, still annoyed at it "I would say to laugh it off to my intention was not to draw attention but instead be further away from it actually.

Minutes had gone by as everything went back to normal and attention was away from my earlier antics. I'd make my way towards a pub. ' Pirates like a drink, I'll get my answers there. In order to capture a pirate, I must think like a pirate. '

@Mr. Anderson
Katsumi had grown tired of walking aimlessly around the city and had decided on the next best course of action. He approached a few Marines who were a bit too drunk for their own good.

"Hey, sorry to disturb. I'm looking for a place called the Golden Pub. Can you direct me towards there?"

One them nonchalantly pointed towards to his left. A medium sized building with a sign marked the Golden Pub, its name shimmered in the sunlight.

Hmmm, how did I miss that.

He nodded his head in gratitude and made his way towards the pub. Once he stepped inside the place was what he had expected. It was filled to the brim with Pirates, laughing and singing under the influence of the booze they consumed cup after cup. Katsumi scoffed to himself and made his way towards the bar-tender in the bar area, who watched him closely as he approached. He took a seat then made complete eye contact with the man, letting his cold gaze pierce through him.

"From the way you're staring I assume you're the man I'm looking for."

After a few glasses of pints and shots, I wasn't getting anywhere. No one had any information of the one I was searching. I turned around monitored the pub and thought ' F**k it '

Stumbling a little with a little shake here and there. My tolerance of alcohol waded since the last time. * - hic * I'd grab a hold of a bottle as i could hear the rumbles of trash drunk talking, with a squabble kicking off in the corner. But my focus was to calm myself as I made my way towards the exit, despite that it wasn't no easy feat to do so. En route slamming into the wall and table.

I made myself outside of the pub, gulping feeling how dry my mouth was, taking a deep breath, and i'd spit. I'd look around though unknowingly I was close but yet so far away from my target.

@Mr. Anderson

The Bartender eye'd him up and down, taking in his appearance before giving Katsumi a cheeky smile. Carefully wiping the glass in his hand, the client held his crimson gaze.

"White hair, crimson colored eyes and an aura of moodiness. What Rihan said checks out."

Katsumi chose to ignore that. He ran his hand through his messy hair before continuing.

"Give me what I'm here for."

The man's smile faded. He shrugged and finishing cleaning his glass before going under the counter. He disappeared a few minutes before reappearing with a medium sized package, wrapped in brown paper. The Bartender handed it to Katsumi.

"Careful with it. Its fragile. Tell Rihan I said he's welcomed back anytime!"

Katsumi took the package and rose out of his seat before nodding his head in gratitude.

"I'll let him know."

With that, he turned around to leave. He stopped and watched as a strangely dressed man stumbled out of the pub with an axe. Katsumi raised an eyebrow.


He made his way out of the door, almost bumping into the stranger in the process. Katsumi made sure the package was unharmed before pausing and looking behind of him slightly.

"Sorry about that."

He advanced on trying to remember his way back to the docks.

It wasn't long before a familiar face was walking through the crowd and made his way to a pub. This made me smirk, though as the sun was out the heatwave would cause further strain if I made my way to the pub. So he stood there and proceeded to make his way to some shade. " Rather get shade than going all out "

' Justice will take a little break until the sun gets hidden behind the clouds ' he would think as he made his way to a seat though grabbing a bottle of soda as he would take a seat waiting for the moment his target would come outside.

@Mr. Anderson
Katsumi stopped dead in his tracks, pondering which way to turn to. Letting out an annoyed sigh, he tucked the package securely under his arm and looked around.

Navigating the streets had been easy earlier. But now the townsfolk had began pouring in the from the docks. Katsumi had trouble remembering the which direction the docks were in.

Well this is problamatic.

Turning around, he had noticed a man seated enjoying a soda outside the building he exited from. Katsumi raised a brow and walked closer.

He doesnt look like he's from around here judging by his attire. Which means he should be able to point me in the right direction.

"Hey, sorry to bother you. I was just wondering if you could point me back to the docks? I really need to get out of here."