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So sanji thinks their body is like a monster. Previously Sanji also said to queen that he is normal human being so he thinks their powers are inhuman too. Read the damn manga before you go writing essays. Emotions are not the only thinks that makes human.
yeah we will see whether he can have those emotions or not.

Sugimoto 14

Lance is trolling yalls asses.

The "true zoan king" is sanji since he owns Queen in the final panel.

This is a sanji vs queen and lucci chapter , nothing else

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Dude where's my Moria and Perona?
When ia the next spoiler. :josad:
About 7 hours from now.

Is anyone familiar with Katana from DC btw? Her sword apparently steals the souls of the victims it kills and traps them in the sword permanently or something? Can you imagine Big Mom doing that with Napoleon if possible or Brook with his sword if he could? Maybe someone from Wano could have had the ability to do it with a cursed sword?

We still don't know anything about cursed swords up till now too and the Nidai is forgotten as well.


Me and a friend are discussing how Devil Fruits might be made by sacrificed souls of real humans and other living beings, almost wiped or even extinct races/beings and thus maybe Luffy's ultimate goal will be to free all the trapped souls in these Devil Fruits? Maybe even rid the world of them and reduce everything back to "true piracy/normality" before the literal curse and greed/power of DFs too?

Maybe this is why Big Mom is still being kept around with her soul based DF? The ultimate redemption for her potentially especially since she kept so many people imprisoned within her false benevolent utopia too? I have a feeling her and Pudding's DFs are gonna be crucial for the greater good in ftuure and maybe Big Mom will finally find out the truth about Carmel at Elbaf and that finally gets closure then?

I have the idea that somehow Carmel posessed Big Mom upon her apparently death, her soul exists after the death of her body and the fruit passed onto Big Mom OR Carmel never truly died and its Carmel puppeteering Big Mom's soul and thus body whilst using the DF herself if that makes sense?Thats why Big Mom became childish again after almost drowning and gaining amnesia?
And it also explains her mothering mode more potentially? Seeing a child like Tama triggers memories of her own childhood with Mother Carmel?
This could also massively parallel and compliment the theories of Xebec possessing Blackbeard too ironically?

Also on another note, maybe the Lineage Factor is connected to why DFs don't let you swim either?

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