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Fool summary 1045 made by me. Predicting this chapter goes by for fun

Luffy vs kaido.

kaido use awaking form to ge bigger and more muscular like monster chopper.
‘Kaido : Behold my awaking form, I will finally defeat you in 1 vs 1 battle in fair match.

Luffy gear five use spinning attack like sonic the hedgehog and use this attack on kaido

Kaido bleed very hard from luffy spin attack.

‘’Kaido try use new move called “ Oni style advanced smash”. The fastest kaido attack but luffy block it with his arm.

Luffy use tornado punch like Crash bandicoot use spining punch move against kaido.

Kaido use berserk mode to increase speed and attack power on luffy. He use mega thunder bagua as strongest advanced coc attack ever. Kaido club grow bigger than before.

Luffy use twist arm punch - similar to luffy with big gold ball against Enel , to destroy kaido club.

Kaido was stunned that he lost his weapon, and try to use breath attack on him but it don’t work on luffy.

‘’Luffy use new attack move called “Toon Punch” and it reopen kaido scar - the oden one.

Kaido scream like crazy when he feel his scar reopen .

Kaido say “ I see you are more powerful than oden , But what enemy give you the scar luffy ?”

Luffy sto smile and become angry face , “Akainu is the man and he kill Ace. I will beat him up. “
Kaido smil and said “ You can’t beat me let alone facing Akainu”

Small flashback reveal kaido 7 defeat-

WG agent : Akainu , you must capture kaido and defeat him but don’t kill him . Vegapunk want him for science.

Scene show Akainu beat kaido in 1 vs 1 battle. The fodder marines carried defeated kaido .

It is revealed Akainu beat kaido three times to capture him. Kizaru beat him and capture him 2 times. Kuzan beat and capture him at one time. Urouge’s father beat kaido.

Luffy use gigantic machine gun punches on kaido and finally defeat him. Narrator say luffy defeat kaido.

Zoro woke up and sense luffy defeat kaido but zoro know kaido must be killed and ready to do this job.
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