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Another Oden 😒

But fr, my country has some beautiful nature, there's no disputing that but it also has serious political issues - most of all corruption

I would like to move to a more stable place, where you can earn an actual living for the work you do
Political issues are everywhere tbh.
same for my country, Places I like are heavily political Ground. People are too extreme over here.
Reasons why I moved - didn't like it, our country can't just travel freely in countries without visa (even EU), fuck that bs, was turned as a kid against my will in that country (even tho I was born elsewhere).

It is still a grueling process as I can't change my job for another 4 years or I lose my visa (I moved via a working visa). It's a bullshit process.

Depends where you live and how freely/easily you can move out of your country.
U not American? ??
I though u're American
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