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2022 and the OP fanbase on twitter still thinks Katakuri is some kind of Roger's equal who can fight Zoro and Sanji at the same time and potentially win

WorstGen might often be a place for clownery, but we are too far from some of the most retarded claims ever made by OP fans, like the ones i see on twitter
Don't worry when bb invades wci shiryu will put kata in his place :goyea:
Film Red released in Japan and Shanks got his own movie… but Buggy deserves it too

I’m gonna write a movie for Buggy and design some characters. Can I sent my ideas to Oda or Toei?

I have some great ideas
My full headcanon on future Cross Guild pirates.

- return fan favorite characters which are all connected in some way to Cross Guild
- return said characters with fitting character arcs (Mr 2 + Mr 3 + Crocodile, Mihawk -> Perona -> Moria)
- make it strong enough against Blackbeard so Zoro still fightes Mihawk after Shiryu.
Even if Mihawk is Yonko tier, alone he can't be a shadow Yonko with Buggy, so he need a strong crew with him, something more compareable to Kaido/BM/BB/Luffy, which can be done with Marco, Vista, Mr 2, Moria, Page One and Ulti.
weakest crew but with a very strong shadow Yonko + the potential of stronger Crocodile and Buggy with awakenings.

Possible new characters to join: the none existing king of bounty hunters
Random lvl 6 prisoners that didn't join BB that Oda will retcon into Buggy

Doflamingo can come here, especially if Page One + Ulti end up here instead of forgotten/going on a cover story unrelated arc because they were both Beast Pirates. this adds a stronger connection with Mihawk, Crocodile, Moria, Buggy, Marco, Vista, all whom were Shichibukai together or in Marineford. I don't see how I'll serve even in joke under buggy, or allow himself to sit at the same table as Mihawk and Crocodile, unless once again he changes and gets a character arcs and gets humbled or something

I see him as a random ally in the final war like how Crocodile was in Marineford
Buggy found a baby named Wuta and he likes to dance. He has the nightmare fruit

nah for real, the treasure of Captain John and the legend of Davy Jones will play a role. Buggy has the devils luck for some reason

Oda should approve OVAs or specials on other characters tbh. I know that's not a popular trend in Japan but a Buggy movie involving a slightly larger side cast could be dope.

Or a Smoker movie.
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