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  1. Hoshigaki Kisame the Sultan of Suiton
  2. Orochimaru
  3. Yakushi Kabuto
  4. Nagato
  5. Kaguya Kimimaro
  6. Hatake Kakashi
  7. Momochi Zabuza
  8. Uchiha Itachi
  9. Gaara
  10. Jiraiya(?)
My top 5 has been consistent for a decade now. 6 onwards is iffy. HBU?
Kisame at 1, Kaguya in there and at 5? Jiraiya and Kakashi? Immensely based haha!


Thanks for the reminder of how old I am.


If its any consolation, I may be older than you at least though? LOL!
Wonder if Ryuma's grave is actually under Wano? Like, buried near where Sukiyaki/Law/Robin ended up?
Hmm didnt Moria rob his grave though? I imagine he was kept in the Ringo cemetary as it preserved bodies for hundreds of years apparently BUT if he was actually buried in original/sunken Wano somehow, that would be amazing!

Its so frustrating that Zoro has not been to his grave!
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