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Thanks for sharing! I'm kind of neutral about it. Mostly because of what they said afterward:

"This week we will not see rabbits. But the topic of "Next Nakama" will continue to be Red hot..."

(Wait... Why did they capitalize the R in red? 👀)

And what Un-amed said about how this chapter is so wild that it literally made them forgive the fact that Carrot isn't joining.

I wonder what it could be? I'd like to guess that we'll be seeing something new about Vivi, and maybe some new Nakama sparks will appear in this chapter.

Looking forward to it. I can't wait! :lumazed:
you will rate it 10 trust me
Guys I can't watch the stream in right time, I have stop the stream and when im back I watch it. So I will lot out and don't read anything until that, I don't want to get spoiled xD.

Im soo hyped right now, the Nintendo direct will be either legendary or I will log off entire week because of anger...
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