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SMH, right?! Such haters can't appreciate and understand true art and peak fiction!


Lmaoooo, you think thats bad?! Wait till you see this too!:


I think this is the author who drew that girl or another one from his series into photos, to look like she was "living with him IRL"? To try and "draw her real" or "into reality"?

If I remember right, I swear I saw Oda mention he wants one of these talking hologram things recently too?:

The absolute state of this society.........
And those companies are cashing
in on those guy's lack of social skills. as if rental girlfriends irl aren't bad enough
I think the flying prison idea was in World Seeker, right? The villain was planning to turn it into an giant bomb, I believe.
Yeah there was a flying prison in that too but it was mentioned recently, that they had an idea for Film Red to involve, a sky version of Impel Down too:

Rejected Ideas of Film Red

Recently, Eiichiro Oda and the scriptwriters of One Piece Film Red let the people know of countless ideas that came to their minds during the scriptwriting of the film. Some of these ideas are pretty appealing, and some are surprisingly unexpected. Here are some ideas that they quoted.

One Piece Film Red was originally thought to be centered around the return of Enel (The antagonist of the Skypiea Arc). But it was rejected by most people in the meeting instantly, so, it was scrapped
One Piece Film Red was supposed to be a prison break film for rescuing Mr. 2 (more commonly known as Bon-chan). The prison break would be from “Impel Down” where he was captured when he created a way for Luffy and other prisoner pirates to escape. Uta was supposed to arrive at this prison and comfort the prisoners, who were going berserk. This idea was rejected by the movie’s scriptwriter.
One Piece Film Red was supposed to be a “Time Travel” themed movie where Luffy travels back in time to meet a younger Shanks. The idea was rejected by one side of the meeting and caused a collision between the two sides of the meeting. It was scraped ultimately.
One Piece Film red was supposed to be a story involving an academy where people with devil fruits are trained and one of these people will have a time-traveling devil fruit that will help Luffy in time traveling. But the difference this time would be that he would be meeting the previous owner of the Gomu-Gomu fruit (which might have been Joyboy). This idea was also scrapped, maybe because it would have spoiled something major about the ending of the series.
One Piece Film Red was also supposed to have major villains like Doflamingo and Crocodile, as requested by Oda himself. But he was rejected by the script-writer of the film as he wanted to focus on just the story of Uta and Shanks and how their relationship progressed. Oda’s main idea behind this request was to create an all-star film that had major characters, just like One Piece Stampede.
Uta was supposed to have book-related devil fruit and she would capture everyone in a book world. But it was scrapped as Charlotte Mont-d’Or already has this devil fruit (Book-Book fruit). The director of the film suggested a song-related devil fruit after this argument, which was accepted.
Uta’s character design was first considered as an opera singer, with Elegia focusing on being an orchestral stage. Her design was also suggested to be a country girl with a guitar, but, as pop idols are pretty popular in Japan right now, they agreed on a pop-idol design.
One Piece Film Red was supposed to be a story involving Luffy, Bartolomeo, and Law fighting human-like ships. This was scrapped because of its simplicity.

Inspirations for the Real Film Red

Although these ideas might not have been considered a possible plot of the movie, they inspired some ideas for the original movie.

When the idea of Uta arriving at Impel Down was given, an idea was suggested that Uta will use her devil fruit to control all prisoners and break out of the prison, to rule the world. This led to the decision of how the personality of Uta will be possessive and selfish, just like in the original movie.
When the idea of fighting human-like ships was given, Oda suggested creating a human-like creature for the Straw Hats’ ship The Golden Sunny. This led to the origin of Sunny-kun which is a human-like creature of The Golden Sunny, that appears in the movie.
Oda bragging about One Piece’s World-building

When the meeting for the ideas of One Piece Film Red ended, the scriptwriter of the movie explained Oda’s message to them. He said that Oda was so confident in the world-building of the series that even if the plot was centered around the Straw Hats traveling to Space, it would not have been enough to collapse the world-building of the series.

Anything can happen in One Piece, even something like going to space could be possible
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