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Shimotsuki Ghostly

A Rising Dream Or Falling Star.
The best known aka the most popular one I guess.

Pre-TS Sanji was the mood.:akaman:
Goat to goat communication. Pre TS Sanji was and still is my Goat regardless.

I love Pre TS Martial artist James Bond firebender Sanji so much. When Oda respected him and his other main characters so much more.

I always adored seeing him and Zoro our wings and 2/3 of the monster W trio kicking ass and saving the day.

Genuinely unironically peak fiction, especially in the anime too!
Diable Jambe unleashed and Thriller Bark Zoro still give me CHILLS to this day ironically!
Also Monster Chopper too.

One Piece was really fucking amazing and one of a kind back then.
Not open for further replies.