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No joke man, he actually looks like a real dino, the first real Cyborg in the show, he looks really menacing, much more than King. The best is that you dont know when he is playing with you or not
Queen is a Decepticon
While I agree that Queen's hybrid is pretty awesome, P1 still has a special place in my heart
If I had to rank all the Hybrid revealed thus far, this is what I would place them
1. Page1
2. WsW
3. Queen
4. Ulti
5. XDrake (the worst of the bunch)
If Oda replaced Queen's human face with his full Zoan dino form face, he would steal WsW's 2nd spot :funky:
I agree, aesthetically is pretty good, BUT Page One's human design is already awesome, i mean, looks drippy. If you take into consideration how Queen's human form look like and that he is a Cyborg, i think his hybrid is awesome and fits the premise too damn well. I wasn't expecting that
Page One's human form looks too edgy don't like it, his hybrid form design wise is probably the best one tho that I agree
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