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The Chosen
Some of them are still doubting the spoilers, guess we gotta wait.
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A cook, an advisor for the crew and Luffy's wing.
"Advisor for the crew"

The whole crew is an advisor to the rest of the crew.

Everybody listens to everybody there. That's not a real thing.
Can I ask you the difference between being one of Luffy's wings alongside Zoro and being left hand man?
There is no mention on SHs as a left hand man, it's something Sanji stans made up to have a similar association to Zoro because in OP twice Zoro has been referred to as vice captain.

I refuse to associate angel wings bullshit to Right hand or Made up Left hand man
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Who cares, Zoro is still a Supernova and a First Mate. While Sanji is a cook.

My Man you are on a roll
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