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It's not a conspiracy theory, I myself don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I know a lot about "intelligence agencies" since I know people who once were in "KGB" most of them are in their 70s right now. "Intelligence agencies" have always had their saying in the media, especially in the movies and "news tv." Controlling the narrative is not a new thing, it depends which agenda the "state" has. Back in the "cald war" it was common for the CIA=Hollywood to print movies with narratives such as: Russians bad, Communism=genocide, Russians are scary etc. You know, there's thing called "soft power" you should read about.
Nuclear or not.

I don't like Russians training their army on the borders with us with 500k of them. Sadge.
That's true but that doesn't deminish it being a powerhouse and unless Russia bows its head to US suppremacy like the rest of of the EU which it'll never do, Russia will remain the second most imporatnt enemy after China for the US.
Two important things; EU hasn't bowed their heads to the US supremacy otherwise things like "Germany buying gas from Russia" would have never happened. Second, the "American Supremacy" is a false term by itself, if America had supremacy then there would be nothing to worry about, right? You see, the world is not as simple as you guys think, it's not all about US, China, Russia only.

Lastly, the US is doing a lip service to the EU countries since it needs European thecnolagy more then EU needs US-lead world order.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

A Rising Dream Or Falling Star.
He took inspiration but that doesn't mean he has to follow through with it exactly... I really am not a fan of Luffy/Hancock lol, I just think her humour is cringe and her obsession with Luffy is meh and I don't care how unpopular of an opinion that might be on here.
Completely agreed. I know it tends to be an unpopular opinion in the community but I'm glad I'm not alone in this.
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