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I mean, a week or two ago, people were using Kaido's vivre card number to say that ZKK is even more possible to happen now. It's just similar to that and could potentially be similar to foreshadowing. I don't think anybody genuinely thinks that just being taller means stronger. It's just spotting a similar pattern with 5 different pairs of people. OR it could just be a coincidence, same with the Kaido vivre card number thing.
You know what, screw it. It's not a coincidence, it's foreshadowing from Oda.
Anything's fine for me if ZKK happens :kata:
Kaku and Jabra are actually a bit surprising. I guess it's because Jabra was the one losing ground going from Lucci rival to Kaku's rival, so he get's left behind :milaugh:

@zzShinichi it's just a pattern for characters close in strength, with the slightly stronger 1 getting the 1 cm advantage.

You can only use it in that vague manner to point out which is the stronger character in that pair, and that he's not by much.

But come on, let's drop the "coincidence" bit. Oda picked these for all of these characters, it can't be a coincidence.
So we agree that Jabura is it close in strength with Kaku neither is Mr2 with Mr1.
I took an L on Who's-Who VS Brook/Jack VS Jimbei and Ice Oni Drake VS Chopper (I was never a strong believer in the latter), but I took a huge W on King VS Zoro. When Zoro was still on the rooftop, everyone gave me shit for suggesting it and were even veering towards Chrono's King VS Sanji.
Not only do they have the Romance Dawn Trio, Chopper's with them.
Yeah, well the true trio that drive One Piece (the mascotte is just for extra sell).
It is also the trio that is the most popular.
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Why Chopper and not Usopp? :kaidowhat:
Chopper is there due to the cover page :). Joking aside is to sell more products
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