Will Luffy beat Kizaru in Chapter 1093?

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- Chapter title is Bird News Morgans
- Cross Guild have put bounties on Marines heads. They have gained massive funds from shady organizations which have ties to kingdoms allied with the WG and Buggy's "luck"
- Many are started to hunting Marine captains, lietuenants in grand line. Bounty hunters, thugs, pirates around the globe.
- Admirals have also got bounties:
- Issho the Purple Tiger, 4 billion, Mihawk, Crocodile are ambushing his battleship with a fleet backing them
- Fujitora orders Chaton to prepare, they got two former warlords to catch
- Smoker's base is also under attack by a group of pirates, they claim they want his bounty and Tashigi's
- Someone is after Ryokugyu's bounty too. It's 3,99 billion holding his wanted poster with a hook. A silhouette of a pirate with a patch overing his eye.