Will Luffy beat Kizaru in Chapter 1093?

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Kaido fought Kid before the alliance and he put up a better fight according to Hawkins

BM… do I really need to say anything?
Kid and Killer lost to base Kaido Kid was surprised when he saw hybrid Kaido and that Kaido who didn’t kill Kid and Killer he put them in prison

Imagine if BM had her crew and Law wasn't there? Kid crewmembers were begging her to stop you think these fodders can deal with the BMP and some giants? + we haven't seen the chapter yet not even the spoilers

Gol D. Roger

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That's on you then.
Imcompetent Top Tier or not, a Top Tier is a Top tier.
Sure there was some PIS involved, but Kidd and Law's performance was good enough to be Low Top Tiers, no 2 YC1's are beating a Top Tier.

I never complained about Kidd losing to Shanks, but the manner of how people are saying he got One-Shotted, which if it did happen it's bad writting.
The logic you're missing here is. It doesn't matter how strong or weak a top-tier you are. It wouldn't take two low-top tiers to beat you. If you're at the bottom of your tier and it took two people to beat you, the duo is nowhere near that tier. We don't know how well Big Mom would fare against two YC1s. We assumed they can't beat her based on how King and Queen lost to Green Bull.
1. Kid was confident
2. He was the one who wanted to fight Shanks
3. "Bold Warriors are about to clash"
4. "Only if I lose right"
5. Give him Conqueror haki
6. "Luffy rival"
7. 3 billion Bounty
8. Shanks telling the giants to help him against Kid pirates

Just to... lose like that?
Hmm not good. We knew Shanks wasn't losing but come on! At least Law had some panels defending himself. I'm hoping the same here. Otherwise, Oda hates Kid.
It’s garbage