Will Luffy beat Kizaru in Chapter 1093?

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Kid and Killer lost to base Kaido Kid was surprised when he saw hybrid Kaido and that Kaido who didn’t kill Kid and Killer he put them in prison

Imagine if BM had her crew and Law wasn't there? Kid crewmembers were begging her to stop you think these fodders can deal with the BMP and some giants? + we haven't seen the chapter yet not even the spoilers
Bro, BM failed to kill a downed Kid and Law and even admitted to be exhausted from fighting them

no matter how hard you try it looks horrible
Shanks has more hype, yes

But in situations where Mihawk and Shanks are directly compared Mihawk comes out on top

We've never seen Shanks do anything without his sword

I know the kickboxer thing is a joke but does anyone actually believe Oda's gonna create a new style for Shanks out of thin air to put him over Mihawk? I just don't see it
Shanks is above Mihawk
Above even Roger
That's on you then.
Imcompetent Top Tier or not, a Top Tier is a Top tier.
Sure there was some PIS involved, but Kidd and Law's performance was good enough to be Low Top Tiers, no 2 YC1's are beating a Top Tier.

I never complained about Kidd losing to Shanks, but the manner of how people are saying he got One-Shotted, which if it did happen it's bad writting.
Don't try to reason with Gol D.

I don't even know why people are defending this
Kid losing isn't the problem but him losing like newbie is the issue!
I like Kid for several reasons.

First of all, because he seems more like a real pirate version of Luffy. He doesn’t need to befriend everyone, he doesn’t go for that romantized adventure, or he simply doesnt get it presented like Luffy.

Also it is very nice to see his interaction with his crew. Its clear they are a bunch of friends which stick together since they were kids. They are not like the most crews, put together by time or conquered, they are friends, which fight their way together through this world. That’s also why Kid has no problem at all to lose an arm to safe one of his mates.

But what most importantly took me for him, was his will and unbreakable character. He never had a legendary lineage (as far as we know), he never had a legendary grandpa preparing him, he never had the plot armor of doom through the whole series, he never had the whole legendary ensemble carrying him through the world, he never had a legendary trainer which focused on him for 2 years, never got some magical legendary weapon, never got a godlike DF and never was the favorite of any high tier character, which suddenly supports him out of nowhere, so a real fight becomes a trainings lesson.

But still, he was going forward, he still worked for everything and took it for himself and his crew. He fought for it with unbroken will. He lost an arm to Shanks? Fuck it. He lost to Kaido? Fuck it. He was inprisoned in Udon? Fuck it. He always went further and took everything he wanted.

And now? Now he has 3B bounty, is in competition with Luffy, is declared alongside Luffy and Law as the biggest threat of the new generation.. Not because Rayleigh trained him, not because his father is the most wanted man in the world or his grandpa is legendary, not because he has the Sungod-DF, not because Shanks kisses his but since his birth, not because he gets favorite by Morgans and not because a got a magic sword. No, because he fucking fought for it, because he puts in everything he has, he goes all or nothing. And he earns what he gets, by his own bare hands.

That’s why I root for him. Because he does it by himself and his crew. He fights for it, because he wants it and he don’t backs down.
:chopoff:That's a lot of text. I get you though bro. People really think Wano was supposed to be Kid's arc or something so they think Oda doesn't care about him. I'm not a fan yet but everything with Killer in Wano set up his crew really well and even though Shanks is beating his ass to Reverse Mountain and back, I'm looking forward to when he gets his chance to shine


Heavy Metal
@Pantheos @ReggieZoldyck21
Kidd probably took a Kamusari head on and is still kickin'
Not surprising, he has god tier defense and endurance.
Remember getting his by Fulgora?

And Kid simply shook of some dust and went in the fight again, immediately.
Or him getting a straight on bare fist of Big Mum in his face, smiling?

You can argue he have a lack of Haki so far. But argueing against his defence and stamina? Pure stupidity.