Will Luffy beat Kizaru in Chapter 1093?

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Imagine comparing Kid or Law with Greenbull or any Admiral because of Shanks lol

It's like comparing Judge with Kaido because Judge tried to 1vs1 Big Mom while Kaido was desperate when she showed up in Wano
Statement on the Supernova for those unfamiliar.

Oda never planned to put the supernovas at the same level than Luffy, I'm sad for Kid and Law fans but we should not forget that this is the story of Luffy after all and that we can't just be having eternal rivals, at some point you gotta make Luffy closer to becoming the pirate king.
Not surprising, he has god tier defense and endurance.
Remember getting his by Fulgora?

And Kid simply shook of some dust and went in the fight again, immediately.
Or him getting a straight on bare fist of Big Mum in his face, smiling?

You can argue he have a lack of Haki so far. But argueing against his defence and stamina? Pure stupidity.
He never got hit by Fulgora head on, he was blown away by the shockwave lol

Gol D. Roger

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All Kid does is loses. You don’t build up characters by making them eternal losers, that’s how you create jobbers
Well, he at least half-won against Big Mom. He's got a 3 billion bounty. Those are huge Ws for him. He might even beat a top-tier in the future. He's one of the top 5 WG SN after all.