Will Luffy beat Kizaru in Chapter 1093?

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Heavy Metal
Not arguing if spoilers real or not but you have to be stupid if you thought for a second that Kidd can win this.

I think Law and Kidd fans adopted this fucking "New Gen is coming" bullshit too hard.

Shanks and Blackbeard are not that "OLD GEN" as much. Shanks is one of Oda's poster boys.

You can't fucking argue with that and expect Shanks to dip before he gets to Luffy.
Never said he has to win. Seth, you read so much of my postings and still claim this bullshit. Sometimes i dont know if you really only troll or if its just something personal you have with me. You read every of this postings, and still makes this claim. How shall i take you serious anytime..
Here. Still not buying this nonsense. It makes narratively
I dont think you know what that word means.
Narratively, everything pointed to Kid losing. From ch1: you know, when Shanks became Luffy's northern star to follow to greatness?
Oda shits on it.
Also, technically is in line with what was already shown. Strong unexpected attacks can KO anybody. Kaido and Luffy's first encounter show this.
I'm not even a Kid fan, Shanks should definitely win

But I think this is just some early April's fool joke at this point, seems too ruthless for someone like Oda or I underestimated his love for Shanks
I think that's a good direction for Kid's character tbh. If he was an edgelord but not a villain most fans wouldn't enjoy him. If Oda dumps all the punishment he isn't willing to give to other characters on him, it'll make everyone root for him