Will Luffy beat Kizaru in Chapter 1093?

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Chapter title: "The flag of freedom"
- Saturn is talking with the other Gorosei
"Vegapunk has probably a secret alliance with Revolutionary Dragon. We could use Kuma's abilities to extract Vegapunks memories and use his knowledge to strike down Dragon..!"
- Gandhi: "Kuma is currently rampaging in Mary Joa. We sent Gion and Tokikake to capture him."
Saturn: " We have another problem. Fujitora's and Smoker's whereabouts are unknown. I bet Akainu sent them to a secret mission. We should keep an eye on him."

- Greenbull and a Vice-Admiral named "Kinryu" are in Impel Down
- Kinryu: "I talked with my sister. Fujitora probably found our target."
Greenbull: "That’s a relief. We captured Fatbeard Jr. but there’s still a lot to do."
- Greenbulls ship and Impel Down get attacked by the Cross Guild ship.
- Mihawk, Buggy, Crocodile and Mr.1 are on board

- Fujtora, Smoker and Vice-Admiral named "Ginhebi" are sailing through a foggy sea
- Ginhebi is the twin sister of Kinryu
- Suddenly a black ship arises from the bottom of the sea
- Fujitora: "We found him finally… be prepared."
Ginhebi: "The Marines will finally obtain a RP and destroy the path to the PK."
Smoker: "The symbol on his flag… It can’t be…"
Fujitora: "Yes I heard that Revolutionary Dragon has the same symbol on his face. It’s an ancient symbol… also know as the symbol of freedom."

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