Will Luffy beat Kizaru in Chapter 1093?

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One Piece 1093 "Emperor Luffy"

-Luffy dodges all of Kizaru's attacks. Kizaru comments on Luffy's growth, and how no one has ever dodged all his light speed attacks.
Luffy then creates a punching glove then punches Kizaru in the face. "Gum Gum Boxer!" You can see Kizaru's skull crack.

-We cut to Zoro vs. Lucci. So far Lucci's dodged all of Zoro's attacks. Lucci mentions how Luffy can't be a yonkou because Zoro is so weak. Zoro smirks then you see the green flame. Zoro uses the Daz Bones cutting technique, one shotting Rob Lucci. "Should have stayed at the Zoo"

We end the chapter with the Robot and G5 Luffy meeting. The Robot ask for commands, Luffy says "let me low diff this guy like he's YC1 Mihawk and I'll tell you what to do"

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