Will Leverkusen remain undefeated and end up winning the treble?

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Brief spoilers, thanks to Redon't

- Chapter 1.074 Title : "Saint Freddy Mercury"
- Chapter starts with Zoro & Sanji asking Edison what Seraphim actually is
- We move to St. Jaygarcia Saturn & Kizaru
- Saturn : "He should've been the one coming here, not me."
- Kizaru : "What are you talking about sir?"
- Saturn : "Mercury can neg diff these bums easily"
- In the end of the chapter we see another Gorosei name getting revealed, his name is Saint Freddy Mercury.
- St. Freddy Mercury : "Its Bohemian Rhapsody time!!"
- Editor Note : "Queen Piece??!!"
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Brief spoilers, thanks to Redon't

- Chapter 1.075 Title : "Saint Bruno Mars"
- Chapter starts with St. Freddy Mercury announcing himself being the Queen of the pirates.
- St. Freddy Mercury is waiting for his husband to reach Laugh Tale.
- We discover that the One Piece is the One Piece of ass of St. Freddy Mercury.
- Shanks already found it but he was not interested in that.
- In the end of the chapter, we discover two other Gorosei names: Saint Bruno Mars and Sainte Venus Williams
- Editor's note: I didn't planet.
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