Will Leverkusen remain undefeated and end up winning the treble?

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Katakuri living rent free in Zoro fan heads. They get so defensive when he’s mentioned.:ihaha:
:milaugh:Cause they wished for King to be treated like katakuri was back in WCI :
CoC, awakening, advanced haki
Fights for hours
Gets hyped indirectly by Rayleigh
Hyped by everyone including Luffy
Given legendary record that Oda highlights the whole arc
His defeat was so shocking

While King lost and no beast pirate was shocked lol
Even Kaido didn't bother crying over his defeat, instead he was more concerned about Jack losing lol


Lazy is the way
All Rocks pirates used to hate him, so why no one left the crew before god valley? Because they fear him. And the fact the WG erased him from history is a proof that he is another level monster

Xebec simply has the aura of the strongest
Roger was stronger than Xebec (very likely being the PK in the Pk story)
And they didn’t erase him from history

Being erased from history is more about his crimes than his power level