Announcement The Mihawk theme is here

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Shimotsuki Ghostly

Viva La One Peace.
Amazing job on the Mihawk theme! I'd say the the neon green on the post reply button is a little bright for my liking but still a nice colour! Makes me think of Mihawk's relationship with Zoro, a tribute to that so it's appreciated!

You've really outdone yourselves and excelled with these new Sanji and Mihawk themes guys, I can't decide between them as I love them both and will probably rotate between them here and there! I can only imagine how great future themes will be and hopefully Kaido, Whitebeard, Kid, Queen, Shanks, King, Nami, Robin, Yamato, Oden and so on will get one evntually too ofc!

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Do you know why Mihawk's theme Is available only now?
Because It was post-poned just like Mihawk and Vista's fight. :kobeha::kobeha::kobeha:


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