General & Others The more Oda hyped up the World Government, the lamer the BB Pirates look

Imo, Blackbeard, Shanks and Akainu all have their big merits, which make people argue cases up and down for them on who will outsmart or defeat who.

- Blackbeard IS the Anti-Luffy. Has 2 DFs. Has a pension to be underestimated by the reader, ofc.

- Shanks is the "perfect" measure of a character. Roger's protoge. Peak portrayal of Haki and events in the series. Hard to root against him, ofc.

- Akainu has the ability to literally vaporaize you in one hit. No other character can do this onscreen. Im not talking about one shots like Shanks. Im talking about erasing your body permanently.

I think these monsters stand at the precipice of the story for One Piece. We will get a grand climax with these people involved. Only one will stand against Luffy by the end, but we'll see all of them and their subordinates fight appropriately.

BUUUUUT, i have this weird feeling that even beyond this, Oda is preparing to have WG's protrayal at a significantly higher paradigm because thats normally how stories like this work. Theres normally some engimatic figure beyond all basic conflicts. I argue that the WG is this entity, because its effectively what the story is building to.
Look at this ZKK wanker who says fake ass vampire ''Yonko underling'' Mihawk is FV of Zolo but not Yonko Teach, keep crying. :milaugh:

Sure, Imu was cutting only Luffy's poster right?
Ok, before DR arc end, I thought that Akainu will be the final villain, but the Magma fruit in the end didn't give a final villain vibes. In Dressrosa ending I clearly saw the difference in the way how Oda hold Akainu. In DR arc, Akainu looked like incompetent, when even his subordinates didn't listen to him. From other hand, I always called the Gorosei as the real final villains. For me it was the Gorosei or Akainu. After riverie arc Imu's revelation, it's became clear who is the final villain in this story.

Now why BB was never final villain for me? It was obvious that battle between BB and Luffy will happen on the Raftel. BB just can't became Pirate King, so Luffy has to defeat him. While after that Luffy will find the truth of this world and for what? Obviously that One Piece treasure flashback should lead to another biggest battle against the Ancient Kingdom enemy, against the WG.

Teach is also D., he is Luffy's ally in fight against WG...he is the rival.

While once the rivalery comes to an end the real enemy of D will became final target.

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Luffy, Zoro, Dragon, Hancock and Akainu vs Imu round 1.

Imu kills Dragon and Akainu (maybe) then Imu dies. Similar to how Enel "dies" but he restart his heart and revive again.

Except that Blackbeard will kill Imu and take their DF and become the King of the World/EOS Final Villain.

Then round 2 starts with,

Luffy, Coby (?), Doflamingo, Fujitora and Sabo vs Blackbeard.


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As of now IMu being final villain makes lot of sense

But I won't totally disregard BB taking IMU Dfs at the end (very slim possibility) and becoming end game for Luffy. One has to keep in mind that BB is still growing just like Luffy. So, both peaking at same time makes lot of sense.
seriously doubt he thinks all these "oh yes i will make the BBP look like clowns and when the time comes that defeats RHP everybody will be surprised as fuck"
But thats literally whats been indicated all the time. Tell me a single battle Blackbeard fought, or a single encounter Blackbeard had, where no one doubted him.

Shanks is untouched until now, yet we know Teach gave him that scar in a fair battle, and be sure when the time comes that them two battle, eventually Blackbeard will crush Shanks. He will make him look like Ace where he gets beaten up at the start, but eventually crushes him without it looking too close.
Well BB's crew have always looked lame. Taking L's before W's is their thing. However, if Imu wasn't the final villain, then i can definitely see the possibility of BB coming in to kill and take Imu's Fruit right after he's defeated, since BB is invincible offscreen.

But that only happens if BB is Luffy's final opponent and not Imu.
Luffy doesn't have the king of the world ambition, Teach has.
Blackbeard is a mere echo
BB is the only guy who can use 2 DFs in history and strongest man, with Imu cutting his posters.

Imu considers Luffy and Teach in the same danger level, yet while Luffy's bounty is lowered for reasons, Teach's lowered bounty is still much higher than Luffy's.

Imu is not secret FV like Kaguya, even Revos learned the secret early. If Oda planned that he would make Luffy PK first then would reveal Imu. Imu is going down earlier.
He is the main antagonist
1-You are assuming that
2-that doesnt make it better. The will of D so far has been portrayed as a good thing, it makes no sense to have a villain achieve that. Not to mention Whitebeard saying that BB isnt the man Roger was waiting for
with only one whose crew got introduced in more detail.
Because Imu is related to all the major mysteries of the world, BB is just a pirate