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Who's the most handsome SH male?

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I like Wano Luffy and Raid Suit Sanji a lot. When I first watched OP in elementary school, I thought Luffy was the most attractive SH and Sanji was the ugliest though (Sanji’s Skypiea design scared me lol).

Looking at other comments on this thread, I’ve never been a huge fan of Zoro’s design, he has a very large forehead with no bangs and short hair. He is still attractive but his lack of interesting hair (a defining trait of anime characters) can’t make him my favorite SH male design. As of right now, I think Sanji’s usually suave outfits, floppy hairstyle, and cigarette make him the coolest design-wise. If Luffy keeps up how cool he looks in Wano though after the arc, he might become my favorite.
Subjectively: Zoro post ts

Objectively: Sanji

Sanji is intended to be the bishounen of one piece like every other "casanova" in any shoujo manga out there. But I think Oda didn't know how to draw bishounen type. His beard wasn't good in my opinion.

Shokugeki no sanji gave him justice tho. They made him looks like Saiba Joichiro which is arguably the hottest man in sns universe.

However, the most handsome in op universe is Trafalgar D Law. His goatee and sideburn are 😘. No wonder in my country his merch along with chopper are always sold out.