Info The Noticeboard

Given the One Piece World's size, it can be hard to keep track of the interesting events happening in so many different places. In order to avoid feeling lost, or out of date, this thread is intended to combat the issues with a dynamic world and enable the proliferation of player knowledge. In simple terms, this thread is an open noticeboard where players can post information about things/events that should be considered 'general knowledge,' or affect a big enough area, or enough people, that most players would logically know about them and potentially be impacted by them.

This thread is also used to post and keep track of currently active players in One Piece World. Because of the multitude of active people, it is important to keep track of the different diplomatic actions between them.

► Examples:

If Player A, during the course of an event, battle, or war, destroys much of a landmark, then this could be posted here. A huge explosion, for instance, would be visible from multiple landmarks and word of it would spread quickly.

Player B wishes to gather a group of mercenaries in order to host an RP event. To spread the word, and to give potential participants an in-character reason to know of and join their event, a notice can be posted in this thread. For instance, it could describe how posters would be visible in most towns calling for all willing mercenaries to come to be given a location.

► Guidelines:

Submissions should be immersive, but it is a good idea to include some concise notes that explain what it is that your submission is for. The examples listed above do not cover everything that can be posted in this thread, but they are intended to show the function of this thread as an information hub.