It’s not about cashing in all at once, it’s about showing investors that you have consistent, stable, and predictable revenue sources with moderate to high growth opportunities.

Oda probably couldn’t even end OP if he wanted to. That’s how bad of situation he’s put himself in.
Again, they don't need Oda or the continuation of the manga for that. The One Piece brand has already reached a status where it is self sustainable. One could even argue that they can do more with the brand once Oda finishes the manga. It opens up a whole new world of spin-offs, which create new merchandise, and business ventures that can be explored elsewhere. Naruto, which is nowhere near as marketable as One Piece still pulled in 23 million dollars in 2023 alone, and that ended in 2014. As of 2020 the One Piece franchise is sitting in the top 25 highest grossing media Franchises at number 20, at over 20 billion dollars, Once the manga ends, it's profitability is not going anywhere.
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Spoilers from the Land of the Conejo:
-Juu Petr recovers and attacks dorry and broggy which drops them on their knees.
-Sanji comments on Mars diving into the barrier. We see Zoro and jimbei coming towards him. Sanji and Zolo fight as they're running. Jinbei knocks both of them like Nami does.
-We see 4 minutes are remaining till the broadcast. Kizaru is being tended by marine doctors.
- Luffy fights remaining Gorosei 4 v 1. In the end all 4 attack Luffy then a giant waterfall like thing appears and absorbs all there attack. There is someone standing infront of the Gorosei.
"How can you be alive, Rocks" says Saturn as we see Caribou in his real form.
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