Debatable frankly, it’s not completely impossible

but for me the two most important (and thus the strongest) in the manga are still Roger and WB

But Xebec is def 3rd
All Rocks pirates used to hate him, so why no one left the crew before god valley? Because they fear him. And the fact the WG erased him from history is a proof that he is another level monster

Xebec simply has the aura of the strongest


Why? Whitebeard was already 35yo or something during god valley
I believe age of prime is 39-40 , then they slowly start to go downhill.
Whitebeard died at the age of death is 72 ,
God valley happened 38 years ago , WB age - 34 , took him 6 years to reach prime.... till 39-41....
Kaidou age at that time - (59-38=21)..... six year after , 27..... , 20 years ago he took over wano , at the age of 39..... his prime.
Then currently Mihawk and Shanks are 39-41....
Their prime selfs....
Though Luffy and Zoro would hit their peak now only I guess.

(Though this could be wrong as well as all the admirals except aokiji are in their 50s. )
:goyea: That's why Kaido > Gorosei

Topman > Nesujuro/ Mars
Obviously Not including Invincible Kata since he's not technically right hand
:milaugh:The fact nobody ever translated it so means zoro fans capping

Also why didn't Oda call King the syringes RH in the manga or sbs?

The strongest with no CoC, adhaki, awakening lol

Any magazine (written by editors or randoms) info that isn't conifirmd in the manga isn't a fact !