The editors' input was essential for his early success and he knows it, he also said years ago that he doesn't like editors telling him what to do, now he is so successful that he can do whatever he wants and fans will still buy it and even if they don't Oda doesn't care because he's already a millionaire and wants this series to end before he dies. Maybe he wants to weed out the bandwagoners until only the true original fans are still around. Perhaps he skipped Zoro's plot in Wano intentionally to get rid of the extreme Zoro fans who are at this point writing their own manga in their heads.
He is the villain who moves the story forward:
> be a D
> have a plan since childhood
> joins wb pirates to find the strongest logia
> makes an scar in shanks
> kills his nakama and create his own crew
> makes the most iconic speech of op
> infiltrate one of his men in mary geoise
> defeat the brother of the protagonist, send him to navy and cause marineford war
> become an warlord just to enter in impel down to take the most dangerous prisioners
> kills the most influential pirate alive (wb)
> be the first person to eat two devil fruits in history
> defeat former wb pirates and former rocks pirate
> become an yonkou
> let imu afraid
> let an admiral joins the crew
> steal strong devil fruits
> makes the revolutionaries run from baltigo
> defeats Law, the deuteragonist of post time skip and take 3 road poneglyph
> defeats the grandfather of the protagonist
> secret mission in egg head, one of his crew member can turn herself in a gorosei
> have a special lineage
> wants the WORLD

Next steps:
> takes pluton and poseidon
> eat a third devil fruit
> put an eyepatch in his left eye
> become the new king of the world

Goat for a reason
@Topi Jerami he is him 🤷‍♂️