Holy shit man.

Anything on Killer and the rest of the crew?

I'll still wait for the actual confirmation.
Even if Kid got bodied, the providers might be skipping some context here which makes it a bit better for Kid. Like, he probably landed an attack before that, or got some praise from Shanks. No way Oda is gonna completely bury this dude lol
i don't know about them tbh

It's not the same at all

Law and Kid are "titans" that are nigh equivalent to the Yonko and are considered legitimate candidates for the Pirate King title

They shit on commanders in terms of portrayal
if you think this "YC" shit is real you already lost and should get ignored. This dumb ass fandom powerscaling is never once proven right in the manga, and the manga even actively disagrees with you. It literally says Whitebeard doesnt rank his commanders by strength and ppl still go oh well obviously Marco is the strongest, then Ace/Oden who are the same, then etc etc. But this isn't what the manga says. It says his commanders are NOT ranked by strength and then scales random people like Diamond Jozu and Flower Sword Vista against mihawk.

Every commander might as well be a different strength. Every yonko might as well be a different strength. Even people like Whitebeard, the World's Strongest Man, is confirmed to have lost in the past. Kaido, the Worlds Strongest Creature, clearly clashes equally with Big Mom for several days and considers her equal, but still holds 5 people above that, because Oden, Roger, Rocks, Whitebeard, and Shanks can all beat him, not just clash equally.