Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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Sanji stans need to prepare themselves. Exoskeleton Sanji was bleeding from Queen throwing him into buildings. Oda has zero consistency when it comes to power scalling. He is by far the worst power scaller in manga.

In one chapter Sanji is getting injured by buildings. The next minute admiral attacks bounce off him.

Zoro goes regularly hurting Yonko and beating a Lunarian to being unable hurt pre time skip fodder.

Kid fights with Kaido and Big Mom for an entire night without ever passing out, yet Shanks one taps him.

There's is no consistency to any of this.
Sanji was getting used to it

Against Queen he was dodging the lasers

Against Kizaru he is blocking the laser

He took a punch from S-Shark like it meant nothing

Im sorry but do better kid