Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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- Dragon is in the chapter and it seems the Revolutionaries are getting ready to attack Marijoa
- The God's Knights are all at Red Port, they are waiting for the Revolutionaries to attack, it seems they have a mole in the Revolutionaries
- We see Buggy listening to Vegapunks message, when he suddenly gets the report that the Red Hair Pirates are attacking and Mihawk just start fighting Shanks (we don't see anything from the fight)
- The Ancient Robot has stopped moving again and Luffy lands on it's head after being launched in the air by an attack
I hope this man ends his career in his favorite team with a magnificent championship celebration
Winning his first UCL and probably his last would be a great farewell if he does retire this season ( still didn't had any news on this one yet but Lahm one of my fav suddenly retire at 33 yo out of nowhere so clocks still kick in ):steef:
Sorry Pero, gotta give one of my fav player, Real already win so much:josad: