Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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I don't think it ever will sadly. Someone said this was the true ending of one piece, where it "died" and I honestly agree:
OP lost a lot of its soul post TS yet ironically souls playing such an immensely huge role too.

I don't hate all of post TS but I do hate most of it by far.

Lmaooooo actual cultural appropriation you hate to see it!
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Op was never truly great until post timeskip. Every arc post ts has more soul, better characters, more interesting plots, faster pace, bigger revelations etc. nothing post timeskip is as bad or slow as half of baratie where literally nothing of value to the plot happens for like 15 chapters. The only thing that matters in that arc is Sanji joining after his flashback and Mihawk beating Zoro and thats like 1/5th of it. No post-ts character has come close to being as useless and unnecessary as Pearl, Gin, or Don Krieg.
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What comes first

Egghead ending or Silksong?
All of one piece will finish before silksong comes out