Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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Oda skipped fights, character development of SH just for those freeks.
In Dressrosa? Or Wano?

Dressrosa it was fine because the same characters who left DR had their own arc in WCI. Usopp, Robin, Franky and Zoro all got fights on top of multiple Fleet Captains. DR accomplished a fuck ton.

Now Wano annoyed me, because Big Mom shouldnt have been used to help Nami and Usopp, and Brook and Chopper should have had fights. The only scabbard who took a legitimate fight away from someone was Inuarashi, and even there I argue that was payoff for Zou, so not too horrible in terms of plot. Even Neko fighting Pero's worked since Pedro served Neko.

But that was really the problem. By Zou, we already had 5 scabbards, and it was perfect. We didnt need Kiku, Izo (though I guess it was a good bow ending his character), Asura and Kawamatsu.
you serious???

I absolutely despise him in live action lol
Yes, he is good, actually doing something. In manga he is a gag character. Coby is gag as well. And after beign totally forgotten Oda wanted me to feel bad for Coby or Garp in Egghead island? I don't care about em at all. They never was a good written characters.

In LA I liked both of them. They was great there.
LA Nami is one-dimensional character
Writer didn’t knew anything about Nami
Most likely they didn't read one piece or wanted to fix Nami
They need to make the op characters look like the characters people is used to consume in the pop movies of last decade. Nami LA just look like a character I would find in movies like hunger games or marvel
Grand Fleet characters feel dispensable, sure they make Luffy feels more of an emperor but I wil always believe that Dressrosa had no business being this long considering that in the end it just was another story of Luffy beating a warlord (a feat he did twice pre-ts) and the gladiators are partially responsible for the lenght.
I'm partial because I just really hated going through Dressrosa weekly back then
Yeah same, its only saving grace to me was its ending I guess. And I also guess 7 captains was probably too much. Like Cavendish, Barto, Sai, Hajrudeen, and Leo were probably all that were necessary. Those are the 5 that all actually get wins against the Donquixote Family too. Orlumbus and Ideo feel very tacked on there because of it (though I love Orlumbu's stupid interaction with Zoro lol).