Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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Oda doesn't fucking care about any of that, weaklings are tag-alongs Oda simply can't get rid off because this would go against the family theme of the straw hats.
Not hating, this is simply how the author has been writing them for a while now.
People expecting Elbaf to be Usopp's arc are coping too
Nami has no strength related long as she is doing her job as a navigator it is fine..her fighting capabilities are just bonus....she can take care of some fodders as long as it doesn't require strong haki....but Usopp is different...he aims to become a brave warrior of the at some point Oda has to let Usopp fight some strong foes and show his mettle as a brave warrior...and at the same time, he needs to surpass his father also....Oda can't do justice to Usopp without making him strong..
I even agree with that.

OP LA is still shit tho.
absolutely? yes
relatively? not even close...

I have seen so many from my state itself who got attracted to one piece LA and few of them started reading manga and watching anime only after LA...and more importantly, they felt LA was better and I had a hard time convincing them to read manga or watch anime.....
Yes....we may not like it but you can't just deny its success...
alright, any idea what are the plots for season 2?
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Sadly yes. Makes me wonder what they plan to do when they finally reach the New World saga, their cast starts to look too old and Oda still hasn't finished the manga.
any idea what is probably confirmed for season 2? Smoker was hinted in season 1 but whatelse?