Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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where is gohan in this goated picture?
I think that was drawn by Toriyama before Gohan became a super saiyan, so he isn't in it.

Nami has no strength related long as she is doing her job as a navigator it is fine..her fighting capabilities are just bonus....she can take care of some fodders as long as it doesn't require strong haki....but Usopp is different...he aims to become a brave warrior of the at some point Oda has to let Usopp fight some strong foes and show his mettle as a brave warrior...and at the same time, he needs to surpass his father also....Oda can't do justice to Usopp without making him strong..
I don't think everybody *need* to be a combattant but Oda's the one who initially chose to turn Nami into a fighter when he gave her an unique weapon with unique moveset and constantly upgrading it... Nobody forced him to do that.

And Oda had a whole decade to do Usopp justice, maybe he'll get one rushed fight with Van Auger if he's lucky