Dortmund or Real, who wins the Champions league!?

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CoC: Color of Clowns

We Shall Sail On Every Light Wave
Bruh what? Are you talking about Vegapunk?
No, I'm talking about reality. I've been researching reincarnation/past lives lately.

IMO, as crazy as it sounds, death was invented so that people could escape their sins.

Think of how many regrets a human creates in a year. Then a decade. Then a lifetime.

Imagine the weight of a million years of existence?

I always wondered why death existed, if the universe is theoretically endless. Why kill people, if energy is unending? What's the purpose of ending lives, if reincarnation is real? That's why. Death exists because most people would go insane if they lived a million years.

Immortality was always a bad joke.
They completely destroy the Smoker character in LA and deprive me of the chance to see his backstory in the manga. I hate G*rp. I hate One Piece. Bye.
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The people in the comments are happy, damn them. This is the complete OOC of Smoker. He would never say that.
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I'm really going to cry. The worst possible scenario.
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