Versus Battle The strongest water style user: Tobirama (Naruto) vs Gamabunta (Naruto) vs Kisame (Naruto)

Kisame is a Master Water User, he is a Top Swordsmen/Taijutsu Ninja & is compared to Tailed Beasts for his Chakra
While Tobirama is also a Master Water User, Very Fast & Very Smart

The problem is that Tobirama relies on his Water Techniques that Kisame won't have a problem with, it's his Domain
So Tobi will have to rely on Taijutsu instead but Kisame would match his Taijutsu & beat him thanks to his Chakra Absorption
Even Killer B Couldn't defeat Kisame

I say Kisame is Strongest Water Style User


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Gengetsu the dead Mizukage was also quite strong. he managed to stalemae Mu who was a monster.

Yagura the 4th Mizukage was a strong suiton user too, Mei the current Mizukage, or Utakata the former 6 tails jinchurikis

For me Kisame and Gengetsu are the strongest


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In a 1 vs 1 Tobirama kicks Kisame ass but here it is only with Suiton mastery and only with Suiton uses.

No teleportation for Tobirama
Ah didn't see standard equipment/ suiting only.

Makes this a bit unfair when you take away my boys abilities, while Hoshi pretty much only uses Suiton and his Samehada
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Hard pressed to say, but Hoshi will edge this one out. Smh
Kisame's the best suiton jutsu user lol. By feats, his jutsu outclasses all others. Gengetsu's pretty good but that's to be expected from someone who can merge with water.

Tobirama's a scrub here and shouldn't be added over Mei Terumi. But yeah, Kisame wins. 1,000 feeding sharks or Daikodan eliminates them.