Theory The Suke Suke no mi is actually the Hito Hito no mi: God of Death

In Greek Mythology, Hades, God of Death, had a cap that allowed him to become invisible. I believe that this was the inspiration for Shiryu’s DF as well as its true nature.

I think that similar to Luffy’s Nika fruit, Shiryu also has a mythical zoan God fruit whose name was changed in order to hide its true nature.

Whereas Luffy is the Sun God, I believe that Shiryu has the powers of the God of Death and the Underworld. I believe that this is intended to parallel Zoro and his King of Hell fighting style. Its also completely fitting for Shiryu to have this DF as he was the head jailer in Impel Down, a prison based off of hell in Dante’s inferno.

I think that similar to Luffy, the Suke Suke no mi’s true power only unveils itself once its awakened. I think this is something Shiryu will achieve. With a mythical zoan awakening, all of Shiryu’s physical stats will be boosted, making him a top tier swordsman. In addition, I believe awakening will significantly enhance Shiryu’s invisibility powers, as the Nika fruit awakening did to Luffy’s rubber abilities. This will have the effect of making him completely undetectable to normal CoO, forcing Zoro to develop advanced observation haki.

Overall, I believe that Zoro vs Shiryu will be the fight that determines who is the true King of Hell. In defeating Shiryu, Zoro will defeat the God of Death and become the true King of Hell.