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--The Underworld - Overview--
The Underworld will serve an extremely important function in the RP, and interacting with the Underworld will be crucial to your enjoyment and success, regardless of what faction you are playing.

Essentially, the Underworld is the Black Market system players can use to acquire Devil Fruits, Unique Weaponry, Technology, and other valuable rewards that will provide an advantage throughout your playthrough. Every player will be able to bid on items in the Black Market auctions, but each faction will have basic duties they will be able to carry out:

-Pirates want to use the underworld to buy valuable weaponry that will give them an advantage. Pirates will have, for the most part, the most amount of freedom in how they choose to interact with the Underworld. There is no specific role that Pirates necessarily have to fulfill, and we will go over their full abilities further below, but for the most part, Pirates will function as both sellers and buyers in the Underworld.

-Cipher Pol wants to acquire valuable intel on underworld dealings and infiltrate the Underworld Hierarchy, which will be discussed further below. Cipher Pol also wants to accumulate as much weaponry for the World Government as possible. The smaller the deal, the easier Cipher Pol will be able to infiltrate.

-The Marines want to stop as many deals as possible. The Marines rely on intelligence from Cipher Pol to tell them when and where dealings will take place so that they can arrest the parties involved and potentially claim the rewards for themselves. The Marines have the potential to claim the rewards of a deal for themselves for free, but they are the party that the Brokers will trust the least and will have a very difficult time gaining intelligence without Cipher Pol.

-Bounty Hunters will be able to carry out “hits” on criminals and other bounty heads in the underworld. Not just “Pirates” are at risk, but the underworld brokers may also place bounties on World Government members, should those members cause a scene...

-Revolutionaries will want to cause as much trouble for the Government as possible and will want to interfere with the Government’s ability to stop trades. Revolutionaries will receive intel from Brokers about Government interference but will want to think carefully before they go picking fights with the Navy or Cipher Pol...

These roles and duties will be discussed in further detail below.

These are the basic duties each faction will fill in the Underworld but don’t stick to them too hard! There’s no rule against being the “shady Marine” like Vergo who helps the Underworld, or the “Warlord Broker” like Doflamingo. If you’re a Yonko, maybe you can even bully the brokers to cut you deals. The more dynamic interactions that take place in the Underworld, the more memorable the RP will be.
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Underworld Jobs And Auctions

For the sake of having consistent standards that players abide by, it becomes necessary for us to clarify what any player-initiated Job will look like so that players know exactly what their capabilities are and how they can interact with different phases in the process.

Event Auctions or other special Underworld Events hosted by the GMs can be different, but there will be ample opportunity for players of all factions to participate in Underworld events in their own unique ways, though this will be explained on a case-by-case basis.

Player-initiated Underworld Jobs MUST follow the following 3-phase structure:

Phase 1 - The Broadcast

Phase 2 - The Delivery

Phase 3 - The Transaction

The different ways that the factions can interact with each phase in the process can be found here. To explain each step in the process:

The Broadcast
This is the point where you will officially announce to the world that you have a good to be sold, and where buyers can offer you different prices or other deals for your good. This is the phase where negotiations will take place. There are many different ways to broadcast, but most of them will involve you taking advantage of Broadcast Technology where other players will be notified of what goods you are selling, no matter what island they are on. This is also the point where the World Government will be capable of receiving notification that a specific Job is about to take place, and will have an opportunity to interfere. The rules of broadcasting can be found below:
Ways of Broadcasting
There are 2 ways to initiate a broadcast:
-The primary way to initiate a broadcast is to use either a standard or visual Den Den Mushi. This allows you to broadcast to every member of the Underworld, no matter what island they are on. This is how most Broadcasts will be initiated.
-The other way to initiate a broadcast, is to simply physically approach a potential customer without using a Den Den Mushi. This will be called a "Wireless Broadcast", and these types of broadcasts cannot be eavesdropped on by the World Government, unless they physically eavesdrop on them.

The Delivery
This is the point where you will deliver your goods to the location that you and the buyer have agreed upon. This is also where other factions can interfere and intercept your goods for themselves, or where you can interfere in the delivery of another faction. For fairness sake, you CANNOT interfere with any job that your character has not received intel on in the Broadcast phase. The full rules of delivery can be found below:
There will, for the most part, be two methods of delivery:
1. Using ship travel to deliver goods
2. Delivering goods manually without your ship (assuming your character is delivering goods to a character on the same island as you, or if your character has the endurance to swim/fly between islands that are close by).

Players who receive intel on delivery routes can intercept the players or NPCs delivering them.
-If you intercept a player who is delivering their goods via ship, this can initiate a Naval Battle where the strength of your ship will play a large factor in your success (unless the other player/NPC simply tries to run away from you).
-If you intercept a player delivering their goods manually, this will initiate a standard dual at the location of interception, assuming both players decide to fight it out.

The Transaction
And finally, this is the point where you will hand off the good to your buyer. Other factions can interfere with this as well and can attempt to stop the deal (in particular, World Government members can use this opportunity to arrest both buyer and seller). The full rules of the Transaction can be found below:
Simply enough, the Transaction is where you will physically hand your goods off to the buyer. At this point is also where, for simplicity's sake, the buyer's beli will automatically be transferred to the seller, assuming the seller is not captured during the process.

Other factions can interfere in this phase, so you should attempt to choose a covert way to hand off your goods assuming you are delivering them manually. If you are having subordinates deliver your goods for you, think about ways that your subordinates would be able to hand off the goods without arousing suspicion, or simply have enough protection with them to keep them safe.
Ranks And Perks

The underworld will have its own leveling system for players who want to raise their rank and receive rewards from dirty business. The Underworld ranks are as follows:

Client - Everyone starts out with this rank! Congratulations!
-As a client, you will be able to place bids on items in the Underworld based on the intelligence you receive from Brokers. You will also be able to place hits on other clients for bounty hunters to carry out.

As a distributor, you will be focusing on the Delivery phase of Auctions for a cut of the profits.

Distributor - Requires earning 1,000,000 beli from Delivery Jobs
-As a Distributor, you will be doing transportation missions for a reward. You will be taking a lot of orders, but you will have officially begun your journey into the Underworld.

Infamous Distributor - Requires earning 300,000,000 beli from Delivery Jobs
As an Infamous Distributor, you have proven that you can distribute goods successfully.

Perks unlocked:
-Spy NPCs: Infamous Providers can hire Spy NPCs to send to desired locations in order to obtain information about their activities. Can only have one spy at a time. Costs 50,000 beli. Cipher-Pol members cannot purchase Spies as they can carry out the espionage themselves.
-Purchased Spy NPCs will be 25% of your current level.

Notorious Distributor - Requires earning 5,000,000,000 beli from Delivery Jobs
Perks unlocked:
-Courier NPCs: Notorious Providers can hire Courier NPCs that can deliver goods to a desired location/customer. Can only have three couriers at a time. Courier NPCs cost 10 million beli.
-Purchased Couriers will be 50% of your current level
-Purchased Spy NPCs will be 50% of your current level

As a Broker, you will receive perks based on how many goods you yourself provide and are sold successfully. Goods can be acquired by either taking them from the outside world or by creating them yourself by investing in the "Science" substat.

Broker - Requires earning 1,000,000 beli from Sales Jobs
Perks unlocked:
-Territory: as a Broker, you will need a location to set up as a base of operations for your auctions. With this perk, you can select a location that you have visited before–and are also not currently owned by other brokers–to own as your territory. You can only have one territory at a time. Territories can be communicated with using special White Den Den Mushi acquired after purchasing the territory.
-Costs 10 million beli.
-You can also purchase a "Territory Defender" NPC to protect your territory from being captured by other players.
-Defender will always be 50% of your current level.

Infamous Broker - Requires earning 300,000,000 beli from Sales Jobs
Perks unlocked:
-Can now have up to 3 Territories that can be purchased.
-Can purchase up to 3 Defenders. Defenders are now 60% of your current level.

Notorious Broker - Requires earning 5,000,000,000 beli from Sales Jobs
Perks unlocked:
-Discounts: as a fully established broker in the OP World, you have earned discounts for auctions now. 10% discount on all auctions that you participate in.
-Territory: may have up to 5 territories now.
Can purchase up to 5 Defenders. Defenders are now 75% of your current level.
-You may now also feed your Defender a Devil Fruit should you choose, though if your defender is killed by another player character, they will receive that Devil Fruit.

Prestige Ranks
Mafioso - Requires earning 15,000,000,000 beli from any Underworld Jobs, and having 3 Territories established
Perks unlocked:
-Discounts: 10% discounts for you now on all jobs.
-Tax Collector: for the territories that you own, you may charge a tax on the citizens for their goods or money. The tax can be no higher than 10% and it's to be paid monthly.
-Assassin NPCs: the purpose of the Assassin is to carry out "hits" against other characters (player or NPC) in the OP World. Can have up to 2 Assassins.
-An Assassin 50% of the Mafioso's Level costs 100,000,000 beli
-An Assassin 75% of the Mafioso's Level costs 200,000,000 beli

Underworld Emperor - Requires earning 40,000,000,000 beli from any Underworld Jobs
This rank is awarded to you as the final Underworld Rank and is an extension of the "Mafioso" rank.
Perks unlocked:
-Discounts: 20% discounts for you now on all jobs.
-Can have 3 Assassin NPCs
-An Assassin 60% of the Mafioso's Level costs 100,000,000 beli
-An Assassin 80% of the Mafioso's Level costs 200,000,000 beli
-Bribery-Mafiosos can officially begin bribing NPC characters to be loyal to their cause. This means Mafiosos can bribe NPC Pirates or Marines to do their bidding.
-See for full rules on Bribery.

The Righteous - Requires earning 10,000,000,000 beli from Interference Jobs
This rank is awarded to players who have successfully stopped 10 Jobs from taking place, and submit the contraband to the World Government for a reward.
Faction Roles and Abilities

You can participate in the Underworld regardless of what faction you are. Marines can choose to be "shady" and sell goods on the Black Market, and Pirates can choose to be righteous if they choose and break up Underworld deals. However, certain factions will have certain perks unavailable to other factions that they can take advantage of should they so choose, and we will detail those options here:

Pirates will have the most amount of freedom when it comes to participating in the Underworld, and there will be no hard restrictions on what Pirates can or cannot do within the context of the Underworld. That said, here is a list of restrictions on certain actions that Pirates can take:

-Begins the RP with a Shadow Den Den Mushi
-Pirates can steal Black Den Den Mushi from World Government Players
-Pirates can steal Onyx Den Den Mushi from Cipher Pol-0

Cipher Pol
Cipher Pol's job will be to stop any given Underworld job from taking place (unless of course, the members of Cipher Pol themselves are trading goods on the Black Market). Cipher Pol will gain access to special Den Den Mushi that allows them to track the whereabouts of broadcasters and clients during the "Broadcast" phase of any given job. Cipher Pol will be able to use Black Den Den Mushi to either eavesdrop on a broadcast to hear the discussion or to identify the locations of all parties involved in the broadcast. Once they've identified either communication or a location, they can choose what they think the best course of action is to arrest the parties involved and/or intercept the goods of any given deal.

Any goods that Cipher Pol agents intercept, they will claim those goods for themselves for free, and will also receive 25% of the auction price as a reward for successfully stopping an Underworld deal.

-Begins the RP with a Shadow Den Den Mushi
-Begins the RP with a Black Den Den Mushi
-Will acquire an Onyx Den Den Mushi upon reaching CP-0

The Marines have a similar role to Cipher Pol, but they cannot gather intel and instead rely on intel given to them by Cipher Pol to respond to Underworld events, under most circumstances.

If Marines and Cipher Pol team up to stop an Underworld auction, then the two factions will each take 50% of the total auction price (100% total), and can then choose what they want to do with the confiscated goods.

-Begins the RP with a Shadow Den Den Mushi
-Begins the RP with a Government-Issue Den Den Mushi
-Rear Admirals and above can purchase a Black Den Den Mushi for 10M Beli
-Admirals can purchase Onyx Den Den Mushi for 500M Beli
-SWORD Captains can purchase Black and Onyx Den Den Mushi at a 50% discount

Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunter's role will be quite simple: They will be able to carry out "Hits" on other members of the Underworld. Bounty Hunters can kill or capture NPCs, but can only capture players. Hits on other players can be placed via the Standard Den Den Mushi, either by public broadcast or by privately contacting specific bounty hunters.

Quite simply, Bounty Hunters will receive double the bounty reward for carrying out successful hits. This means that players who place hits can either choose to place half of the money they actually intend to place for a hit and know that bounty hunters will receive the fair value of the hit anyway, or that players can place the full value of the hit and know that bounty hunters will be doubly encouraged to carry out that hit.

-Hits can be placed and carried out on any player, though Bounty Hunters should be cautious of the hits they accept so that they don't accept any hits that aren't worth the reward, as Bounty Hunters can be defeated over the course of attempting hits.

The Revolutionaries will have the ability to sabotage World Government attempts operating within the Underworld (whether WG members are attempting to sabotage the Underworld or work with it). Revolutionary Commanders will receive a faction-unique Den Den Mushi that allows them to eavesdrop on World Government communications.

-Begins the RP with a Shadow Den Den Mushi
-Obtains the Pearl Den Den Mushi upon reaching the rank of Revolutionary Commander

Make no mistake, the faction you are playing as does not effect your ability to level up your Underworld rank. Any faction can become an Underworld Emperor should they choose.

With all of that said, these DO NOT represent all of the options available to you in the Underworld. There really is no limit in how you choose to interact with the Underworld and how you choose to RP. Use your imagination!
Miscellaneous Rules and Guidelines

Here, you’ll find some clarification on some rules established above:

Den Den Mushi
Shadow Den Den Mushi
This is a Den Den Mushi that is used for all Underworld Communications. Can be used to start, receive, and participate in Broadcasts or other general Underworld communications.
-All players will begin their RP with this.

Government-Issue Den Den Mushi
This is a Den Den Mushi given to all Government personnel, allowing communication between all branches of Government.
-Marines and Cipher Pol begin their RP with this.

Black Den Den Mushi
A Den Den Mushi used for intercepting communications and locations of other Den Den Mushi. This Den Den Mushi cannot be used for communicating, only for eavesdropping on other communications, and allows Government personnel to “listen-in” on Underworld Broadcasts without anyone else being aware of it.
-All Cipher Pol will begin their RP with this.
-This Den Den Mushi can be acquired for free by Marines who either join SWORD or reach the rank of Admiral.
-Marines at the rank of Rear Admiral can purchase a disposable version for 1,000,000 that will expire after wiretapping a single broadcast.

White Den Den Mushi
A Den Den Mushi that neutralizes the communication eavesdropping of the Black Den Den Mushi. Broadcasts that are begun using this Den Den Mushi cannot be eavesdropped on by Black Den Den Mushi.
-Automatically obtained upon reaching “Notorious Broker” Rank
-Automatically obtained upon reaching the “Mafioso” Rank
-Cannot be used alongside the Clear Den Den Mushi

Clear Den Den Mushi
A Den Den Mushi used for blocking the location of the user. While using this, Black Den Den Mushi will not be able to identify the location of its target.
-Automatically obtained upon reaching the "Notorious Broker" Rank
-Automatically obtained upon reaching the "Mafioso" Rank
-Cannot be used alongside the White Den Den Mushi

Onyx Den Den Mushi
The supreme wiretapping Den Den Mushi. Can be used to eavesdrop on any Broadcast no matter the circumstance. This Den Den Mushi also alerts the user when it’s signal is being traced by the Pearl Den Den Mushi.
-ONLY received upon reaching CP-0. Cannot be traded or sold.

Pearl Den Den Mushi
A Den Den Mushi that can intercept the communications received by Black and Onyx Den Den Mushi. This can be used exclusively by Revolutionaries to find out which conversations the World Government is eavesdropping on.
-Received upon becoming an “Army Commander” of the Revolutionary Army

Phantasmal Den Den Mushi
The Ultimate in Underworld Den Den Mushi. Cannot be identified by Black or Onyx Den Den Mushi.
-Can only be created by Underworld Emperors who have a Science Mastery of 100.

Golden Den Den Mushi
The "Buster Call" initiator. Will be unlocked to Marine players who reach the rank of Admiral. This will summon 5 Vice Admirals (player or NPC) and 10 Warships to destroy a specific target. The Admiral themselves can choose to participate or not.

Auction Ranks
In order to properly create an auction, a Broker will need to have acquired an item or good that would sell for as much as possible. These goods can be anything that you believe is of any worth. If you are unsure, pm the GMs, and we will confirm it for you. You can create your own goods or steal some. If you wish to create your own goods to sell, then you yourself will have to invest some points in the Science substat.

How much you can have a starting bid for an item depends on its rank. Most items in this story have a rank of D, C, B, A, S, or S+ with D being the lowest and S+ being the highest. Each of these ranks has a maximum starting bid. You cannot start the price higher than this.

D-rank Maximum Starting Bid: 100,000 beli.
C-rank Maximum Starting Bid: 1,000,000 beli.
B-rank Maximum Starting Bid: 50M beli.
A-rank Maximum Starting Bid: 500M beli.
S-rank Maximum Starting Bid: 1B beli.
S+-rank Maximum Starting Bid: 5B beli.

The rank of an auction will be determined by

When you reach the rank of "Emperor," you will unlock the option to start bribing NPC players to perform certain actions. There is no restriction on who you can or cannot attempt to bribe, for example, as soon as you become a Mafioso, you can attempt to start Bribing Admirals or Yonko if you so desire.

Key word, ATTEMPT. Just because you attempt to bribe someone, does not mean that Bribe will be successful, so you will want to carefully consider who you try to bribe. Here are some general guidelines that you should consider before you start bribing more powerful NPC characters:

Bribing can only be attempted once per job, so consider your bribe carefully.

World Government NPCs
-You cannot publicly Bribe any members of the World Government, though you can bribe them in secret.
-Most World Government NPCs will not obey any bribe that cannot on some level be justified to the General public. For example, bribing an Admiral to attack a Pirate Crew would easily be successful, but bribing an Admiral to attack a Celestial Dragon or Cipher Pol would fail.
-You do not specifically need to bribe World Government characters to attack other players. Think about a situation where you know a certain Pirate crew is trying to land at a certain island. Maybe you can bribe an Admiral to send 5 Warships to block off the port to that island, making that crew landing on that island impossible. An Admiral could easily justify this decision to the public, something like "the Marines received intel of a Pirate Crew approaching, so we're blocking off the dock until further notice." In secret of course, you would have bribed them to do this.
-If Marine players are causing you trouble, perhaps you can bribe their superiors into giving them unfavorable orders. For example, if a Marine player is in one of your territories sticking their noses where it doesn't belong, maybe you could bribe their superiors into ordering them to go investigate intelligence on some island that they just received about some island halfway around the world. If a Cipher Pol player is investigating into your business and you don't like that, maybe certain Celestial Dragon NPCs would be open to receiving bribes to send those CP agents to investigate something completely different on a random island.
-The main rule to consider when giving orders to the World Government, is to consider how the World Government NPC will be able to justify that bribe to the general public. Since the World Government is all about having the public perceive them in a favorable way, any bribes you attempt with Government players should allow the Government some ability to justify their actions to the public, or else your bribe is likely to fail.

Yonko NPCs

Bribery Prices and Conditions
Here you will find a list of minimum required prices to bribe certain NPCs. There is no maximum price you can offer NPCs, but you must at least offer the minimum for your bribe to be considered.

World Government
NPC Price
The Gorosei 10,000,000,000
Commander-In-Chief-Kong 6,000,000,000
Fleet Admiral Sakazuki2,000,000,000
Admiral Kizaru 1,000,000,000
Admiral Fujitora 1,000,000,000
Impel Down Waden 1,000,000,000
Misc. Vice Admiral 600,000,000
Misc. World Noble3,000,000,000

Yonko Kaido5,000,000,000
Yonko Big Mom 5,000,000,000
Yonko Shanks 5,000,000,000


Dracule Mihawk2,000,000,000
Bartholomew KumaMust Bribe A World Noble
Donquixote Doflamingo3,000,000,000
Boa Hancock2,000,000,000
Edward Weevil1,000,000,000

EmperorsBase of OperationsControlled Territories
??? [Unknown]??????
??? [Unknown]??????
??? [Unknown]??????
??? [Unknown]??????
MafiososBase of OperationsControlled Territories
MagellanImpel DownImpel Down. Works for the World Government
Admiral BorsalinoNew MarinefordSabaody Archipelago and New Marineford. Works for Sakazuki and the World Government
SpandamEnies LobbyEnies Lobby and Water Seven. Works for the World Government
BrokersBase of OperationsControlled Territories
Donquixote Doflamingo - Notorious BrokerDressrosaDressrosa and Punk Hazard
Sir Crocodile - Notorious BrokerAlabastaAlabasta, Cactus Island, and Little Garden
Buggy - Notorious BrokerIncomingOrange Town and Incoming
Big News Morgans - Infamous BrokerWorld Economic News HeadQuartersWEN HQ
Du Feld - Infamous BrokerIncomingIncoming
Umit - Infamous BrokerIncomingIncoming
Drug Peclo - Infamous BrokerIncomingIncoming
Ivankov - BrokerMomoiro IslandMomoiro Island
DistributorsBase of OperationsEmployed By
Caesar Clown - Notorious DistributorPunk HazardDoflamingo
Vegapunk - Notorious DistributorKarakuri IslandWorld Government
Vinsmoke Judge - Infamous DistributorGermaAllied with the Big Mom Pirates. Works for no one
Trebol - Infamous DistributorDressrosaDoflamingo
Mr. 5 - DistributorCactus IslandCrocodile
Mr. 3/Galdino - DistributorLittle GardenCrocodile
Alvida - DistributorOrange TownBuggy
Bon ClayMomoiro IslandIvankov

SWORD Captain X-Drake. Undercover on Wano. Works for the World Government
SWORD Captain Koby. Works for the World Government
"Hundred Beasts" Kaido. Has business ties with Doflamingo
Charlotte "Big Mom" Linlin. Has business ties with Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge
Marshall D. "Blackbeard" Teach
Celestial Dragons
Hody Jones