The things about this episode is that it really looks cool but everything that happened makes no sense lmao :catsweat:

Anyway, let's talk about manga!Sanji who is looking fine wearing a black suit after a lot of time, his hair looks clean and he's wearing gloves, a fashion icon ~
Luffy, Law, Kidd doing badass attacks to sink one of Kaido's ships
One Piece fans: :okay:

Sanji wears sexy gloves and looking like a snacc
One Piece fans: :finally::finally::finally:

I swear I've seen people talking about these gloves more than anything in the story this week lol

Sanji D Goat

Apparently all the OP fans waiting for like a month for the OP anime episode 925 to release and it all filled with disappointment LOL. On the other hand, the manga show that one panel of Sanji's suit and gloves and everybody just got hype and shit LOL. This is why I love One Piece LOL:cheers:
I don't mind the raid suit if we get more of those hand to hand combat we saw in the anime. Thats the reason i like sanji in the first place. The shooting star soba kick just ruined it for me because Sanji doesn't have an attack like that they just made it up. It looked so unrealistic. Like a My Hero Acadiama attack or something. I like his basic simple attacks combined with his kicking martial arts style. Invsibility blitzing page one was also cool since its till how Sanji fights but hes just invsibile.