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Guys, look how Saturn got affected by the Mother Flame

He instantly went back to his human form, the "uggh" makes it look like he feels bothered by its sole presence in a water tank :shocked:

PS: Oda never made Sanji use his flames or go serious against Saturn :quest::quest:

Meanwhile Sanji has managed to do this with Diable Jambe: He forced Nasjuro to change his form in order to stop the flames :shocked:

Also look how Sanji here is seeming to be more effective than even Luffy in Gear 5 has been against any of the Gorosei :crazwhat:

Luffy's attacks against Saturn basically meant nothing, Warcury is blocking everything, but Sanji when he goes a bit serious he sets one of them in flames forcing them to transform right after the attack?

So the Gorosei either have a weakness to overall flames or Sanji's flames indeed has something to do with the Mother Flame to some extent we still don't know yet

This are starting to be explained perhaps? :crazwhat:
Most fearsome man in SHs because of Mother flame kicks.
The barking scene is way less worse than everything else Toei has fumbled for Sanji in the anime this arc

It's actually funny, he was supposed to be down bad for Stussy anyways, don't see a problem here, haters pretending this is a super big deal lmao, like none of them have ever enjoyed characters such as Jyraia.

But it's still odd to see how Toei takes its liberties with Sanji: Animating the canon material for Sanji during battles? Nope!

Extending gags and making it way over the top? Yes, absolutely.

Those bozos clearly have an agenda going on