What is happening with Sanji ? Final PU thoughts

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Robin, a person who has lived his entire life being used, threatened and hunted, has finally found a family.
Sanji, one of Luffy's wings, who acts as the SH's chief of staff, always advising them and leading the crew members...

People still haven't understood the depth and real meaning of the relationship and interaction that Robin and Sanji shared in these chapters.

Sanji trusting Robin to save him carries a huge weight of value to Robin as a character, she felt enormously flattered because recently she understood the real meaning of having a family and trusting each other.

Sanji's gentle nature in placing trust in a crew member who has a bitter past is an attitude only crew members can understand.

''He is a kind man, you will never understand just how much it means for him to rely on me''

In other words, Luffy's trusted man, who always leads, advises and protects the crew members, will also need help if needed. And for a great leader, it's essential to trust your teammates.

And for all the ''Sanji fans'' and Zoro stans who think Sanji needs to kick heads full time to be a good character, this chapter shows that his kindness and compassion are the essential characteristics of the character.