What's Sanji matchup against the BBP?

  • Lafitte (the correct choice)

  • Pizarro (the wrong choice)

  • Burgess (Chrono's choice)

  • Vasco Shot (Rayan's choice)

  • Aokiji (the spicy choice, but that is also wrong)

  • Other

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He's gonna turn the multiple germa ships into an army of Baraties, bringing food to people all around the world.
maybe not all of them but a wealthy moving country bringing peace and salvation into struggling countries instead of bringing destruction like the old germa used to be

And Sanji relocates Germa to the all blue
he would own the all blue :steef:
Considering the SH don't train togheter, which is a shame. Would be super cool for Sanji to learn Gyojin Karate, we already know that humans could learn it (Koala).
Sanji's diable jambe style was proved to be way more powerful as a durability bypassing ability in Fishman Island than Fishman Karate when Jimbei failed to knock out Wadatsumi in one hit with his ultimate technique (Vagabond Drill) while Sanji easily did so with Hell's memories, and lets not get into Ifrit Jambe, because that would be overkill.
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Some people( salty zbois) like to diss Sanji by saying that his armament haki was subpar or saying shit like he doesnt have hardening or even armament haki. I'm here to show them why they are wrong and to shed some light on some of Sanji's more overlooked armament haki feats.
First statement about Sanji's armament haki capabilities: On Punk hazard Luffy states that he, Zoro and Sanji would be able to deal with Ceasar's Logia abilities, confirming that he does indeed have Armament, though we dont know how skilled he is at it.
Second piece of proof: At WCI while fighting his father, Vinsmoke Judge, he blocks his spear with his legs and Judge then comments on him having haki, though he did fall to his knees in pain from blocking it seems. (Source: Chapter 833, page 13)
Third piece of proof: I dont know how many know this, but a way of showcasing that characters have highly developed Armament haki is by having black lightning come out of whatever the character is coating in armament (example: Chinjao and Luffy or Sabo and Burgess). I gave this introduction to showcase that Sanji seemingly had an evolution in his armament haki from the start of WCI to when this feat happens. What I am talking about is when Sanji blitzes oven to save pound we have him strike his neck and on the next three panels we see black lightning coming out of his leg, this shows that his haki has evolved and he actually managed to crack Oven's neck with that kick (Oven held his neck in pain and there was a cracking sound when Sanji striked him, the same sound was present when Queen landed on Big mom, so interpret that as you will) and he had the second strongest physique of the Big mom pirates! (Source: chapter 886, page 8)
Fourth point: Later on in WCI we see Sanji blocking Daifuku's giant genie's Spear with a base kick that looked black( some said it was just shading, but the anime adaptation clearly showed it was hardening. Him blocking it with ease while he struggled to do so with Judge's implies that Sanji had improved his haki from the beggining of WCI to the latter part of the arc (source: chapter 899, page 14)
Fifth fact: In Sanji's fight against Page one he showed two great Armament haki feats, first he attacked his gut and a lot of black lightning came out of where Sanji striked and on Sanji's last attack we see what is to this date the longest black Armament lightning. Crazy stuff (Source: chapter 931, page 6 and 10)
Fifth point: In Onigashima when Sanji Saves Momo he clashes twice with King, once with his fire mode on and the second time with his speed mode on and in that clash there is black lightning coming out of their clash. Sanji being able to undo one of King's attacks is kinda crazy when you consider he was ragdolling Zoro. (source: chapter 988, page 8)
Sixth point: Sanji combined his new Exoskeleton with his Armament haki which had improved a lot to create the hottest fire we have seen so far in the series, Blue flames with plasma leaking out, which is much hotter than Ace and Sabos' fire, King's fake magma ass fire, Kaido's Flaming bagua, Luffy's red roc, etc. Also the only thing Akainu has shown to be above Sanji's fire is the mass of his magma which could consume the fire, something King couldn't do. To make something that is above such powerful attacks Sanji would need some pretty great Armament haki.
From all this evidence we can see that Sanji has high tier armament haki (below Zoro) and tbh he has shown better Armament showcases than Jimbei, who showed armament lightning this arc( source: chapter 1018, page 16 and 17) and had to use an ultimate attack to do something way less impressive than what a mid tier Sanji attack did. Just remember folks, Jimbei's main power showcase this arc= Sanji's casual power showcases at the end of last arc and the start of wano.:myman::cheers:
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i still think it would have been better for sanji’s family to be from the D clan it would have been nice having 2 Ds on the crew
Break week :fujilaugh:
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I don't think I'm that excited for the RP or BB fights. Who is Sanji going to fight

BB number 10?
RP ?
oda needs to reveal the number 10 already :kriwhat:
i think it’s a new character or gin or something but yeah no one stands out as someone strong enough for sanji only shiryu and 10th have enough hype and shiryu is already reserved for zoro