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Which Gorosei will Sanji fight?

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In 50 chapters, probably around 20 :hope:

Btw @PuckTheGreat is the Japanese community talking about the cover? Cocking must have caught their eyes too :kobeha:
Good question, bless us puck san
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Don't think the chapter is out yet (it's usually out on Sundays same as Viz) or did it release early his week?
If so I can check ^^
Uh u already answer
I have a theory I think these characters will die:-
garp death ----------------------> coby and luffy
pudding death -------------------> sanji maybe will turn evil for this
perona death ----------------------> zoro
all of this will impact these characters and setup the BB pirate fights:
luffy vs BB
coby vs aokiji
sanji vs Pizarro
zoro vs shiryu
I just don't think they need more reasons to fight
Like Sanji will fight just because they have her
And Luffy because of ace

Warchief Sanji D Goat

Future of the Marines!⚓
pizarro was a king in the north blue maybe he know somthing about germa lore so he is perfect fight for sanji
Y no Aokiji
He got her in the germa cover story
Sanji family and his ex
Perfect 👍
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I know that.

I meant as in the Pudding scenario. If someone has to kill her, it would be Lafitte since he's known for being sadistic.
No ty she will have a happy life after Sanji saves her
I was done with them but maybe vagapunk can say some stuff on them or SBS
they are important for the story I think remember when robin heard the name of vinsmoke back in zou she heard that name before I think it was from a poneglyph
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Agreed. I don't want Pudding to die either.

We always have Judge for Germa history.
I don't want it either but I want some drama