Tobirama did nothing wrong.
"Since Zoro can do it, character X can do it too"

This is the customary memo which has plagued the fandom for more than a decade, allowing other characters to leech off of Zoro's feats (when they have zero) whilst severely limiting the cap on Zoro's own capabilities. While I probably sit on the more unbearable side of the Zoro fandom spectrum, I must admit it has had some effect on me too, most notably in my placement of Pica.

"Pica must be trash since Zoro mid diffed him"

"Anyone can bust a walking mountain if Zoro can do it, including Candyboy"

Even with my love for Zoro, the most I would have placed Pica pre- Wano is at low/ mid Vet level, or possibly even lower. A character capable of stalling most mid tiers to being able to give a few high tiers marginal trouble given the right opportunity i.e. Deressroa with Golem form and mass stones present. What a farce this opinion has turned out to be, since Wano has come around.

Upon witnessing current Zoro's feats with no major boosts and just two weeks of breathing exercises, I'm just now finally starting to see the absolute powerhouse that is indeed Lord Pica.

- Pica managed to somewhat keep up with a healthy Zoro in a cqc, albeit Zoro wasn't truly serious and Pica couldn't get a clean hit in. However, this is comparable to a high tier in Denjiro who could just about equal to a nittouryu Zoro in combat while he was heavily injured and not in the right frame of mind. CQC is not even Pica's forte.

He's keeping up somewhat with the same dude who's speed blitzing top tiers, and has op reaction timing.

And has the ap to harm such beasts with simple ittoryu/santoryu techniques and without the usauge of 3000 Worlds/ greater 3000 worlds or even the 1080 cannon which the Lord himself required to be put down with.

In short, there's nothing that puts the fodders that are veterans/ F6 above Pica. They have no feats to warrant such wank.

Not even commanders should get a free pass since "Zoro did it, so they can too". Most commanders have shown feats of at most being town level, while Pica is a mountain who can shapeshift instantly. Smoothie ran out of breath creating a slash that's barely the size of the Sunny, she gets negged here.

The Lord also is immune to a speed blizt since someone like Zoro was having trouble with such a powerful df. He will suffocate most mid/ high tiers in one go.

Pica is the gateway into true top tier territory, and it's time we should accept it as such. And since Zoro did indeed mid diff the Lord, he's currently sits quite comfortably as a top tier.

:steef::steef: marimo-san we waited for this thread from you.
Pica is an underrated character. The only one who showed a full haki on his body like Vergo, the only one who blocked lots of people in dressrosa, even pushed Zoro to use sanzen sekai. His base form is already not bad but golem pica is way more powerful
But see now anyone can tank and block Hakai because Zoro did that.
Pica will be considered as fodder forever:milaugh: