Will Leverkusen remain undefeated and end up winning the treble?

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Yeah but picking a fight with retired boxing champion just for some cash is retarded. I would have been cool if Jake pick an active boxer but he choose Mike Tyson of all people.

If Jake gets humbled by him I would be hella happy despite I'm being a Jake fan.

Yeah he's just a clout chaser at this point.
No one is getting humbled.
I looked up a video about the rules and the Tyson vs Jake fight has shorter rounds, softer gloves and no scoring i believe.
It's a draw if no one gets koed which is unlikely to happen when they cut the rounds short and put pillows on their fists.
Consider it a sparring match
Y’all not ready for Kizaru to die fighting alongside a giant robot against an evil group of 5 just like his childhood hero…

Sora Warrior of the Seas
Nah Admirals > Gorosei > Yonko so Kizaru will beat them despite not having CoC/ACoC or a Mythical Zoan or ridiculous recovery or regen because I said so