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Newspapers are sources of printed news distributed both locally and worldwide, with worldwide newspapers being delivered by News Coo flying around the world. Wanted posters are often slipped into newspapers. Players can post stories here about the events of the Role Playing World! They can be as fake or real as you want. But they may be forcefully edited by the World Government.

News Stories will count towards weekly Activity! So don't forget to post in that thread and get weekly EXP!​
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Hello hello journalist Sasha here to tell you all the news happening!
There's been big things happening in East and West Blue that I am really looking forward to tell you all about!!

This is Big News!!!

Big News Morgan stole my papers for a moment there.. He seems to be pretty excited as well... Nevermind.

First things first.. In West Blue, there's been an attack on the 80th Marine Branch. Speaking to Marine soldier Isuka that the perpetrators were two pirates that has formed a crew together. Don't let the small number fool you guys, they were able to wreak quite a bit of havoc before Commander Isuka could arrive on the scene to drive them away. And this I tell you should explain the danger those two pose. They were no match for the commander, however, neither were she able to catch them.

Thankfully, one of them were kind/stupid enough to reveal their names and occupation.

The forthcoming/idiot called himself "White Haired Katsumi" And named the other "Captain Rihan". Together they are "The Nex Pirates" And should be considered dangerous. Civillans should avoid them at all cost. Death and destruction didn't seem to bother them in the least.

I've saved the best/worst for last folks.

In Loguetown in East Blue, great devastation have been caused by what we can only assume is a on the spot newly formed pirate crew. This is a group of four. One is a small dwarf female, she by herself does not seem to be much of a threat, owing to the fact that she does not seem to hold much personal might. However, she does seem, to at least hold some authority over one of the others in the group. A giant that seems to be blind, don't let that fool you guys.. He holds great power and it is by his hand such devastation and death occured in Loguetown. And that was simply from them trying to escape from there. Of the other two, one is an old man that at the very least holds some power over illusions, enough to fool most marines that does not have a strong enough awareness Haki to see through the ruse.

The last one.. Might be the most dangerous of them all.. Not because he is the strongest, we don't really know who is the strongest of those four.. However... He was the one that first chose to attack the noble marines stationed at Loguetown. Screaming about blood and death. This man.. Is dangrous, he seems to be completely unhinged.

From reports in East Blue, someone fitting his description killed the whole way until he got to Loguetown, a lucky person who will here remain unnamed could tell us he saw this pirate row in the direction of Loguetown. A giant sack in his lap which contents were used to feed a Sea King he encountered... The contents were bits and pieces of the people he had killed, heads, arms, legs and body parts that shall be unnamed as well.

We do not know what these four calamities call themselves, however, there was a curious thing that happened in Loguetown. The most insane pirate himself used Haki to attack the Marines, but instead of a normal reddish glow, or whatever color your armament haki might take.. His was crimson.. The man was so covered in blood, his haki itself glowed with it.

Until we know his name, he shall henceforth be given the epiteth "Crimson Blade" and if you see him, find the authorities.. Do not talk to him, do not look at him.. Just run away.

Now I will post pictures of every pirate that we managed to get a hold of:


Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars

Welcome, once again, to another edition of the World Ecomic Times! This is Code Name: Apollo here, and boy do we have a story for you!!

We would like to begin by saying, as always, that we are committed to bringing you the truest, most factual news that we can, regardless of any parties who might stand in the way. The good people of the world deserve accurate reporting, and we are committed to delivering the truest information possible.

With that said, I began my career covering events taking place in the Underworld almost two years ago, just after the Marineford War. In my short time following the goings-on of the massive criminal syndicate that operates from the shadows, I have never seen events this big taking place!!

There are three major stories which caught our eyes this week. First, I’m sure many of you have already heard about the Fires that ignited recently on Banaro Island. The town is only just recovering from a catastrophic event that took place there two years ago, and already the town is once again seeing chaos occur. Over a dozen buildings there were burned to the ground recently, which at first did not seem to be such a big affair, but something big must be going on since it is rumored that Admiral Kizaru himself was dispatched from Navy Headquarters to assess the situation!!! It is extremely rare that a Navy Admiral is dispatched in a time of peace, and so far we haven’t been able to determine exactly what has occurred on Banaro Island. We reached out to Navy Headquarters Commodore Brannew for comment, but he merely insisted that the reports of Admiral Kizaru’s movements were false, while being unable to comment on the Admiral’s current whereabouts. We tried sending reporters to Banaro ourself, but the Island is currently being blockaded by a Navy Fleet, and unauthorized ships are not free to enter or leave the island.

What could this possibly mean??? We will report more on this situation as it develops, so stay tuned!!

Second, we are investigating reports that the Yonko Kaido himself was recently in Dressrosa Kingdom! This is a peculiar story, as there isn’t much evidence to follow aside from rumors circulating among Dressrosa’s general population. However, what is certain is that these rumors have become so widespread, that Cipher Pol itself was dispatched to Dressrosa in order to calm the people and put the rumors to rest.

Dressrosa is currently being ruled by a benevolent King in Donquixite Doflamingo. If you’ve followed this publication for a while, then you’ll be familiar with all of the times we have reported on the possibility that Doflamingo himself is the notorious Underworld Broker, Joker. If this rumor is true, then Kaido’s presence in Dressrosa would make sense, as we’ve also reported that Kaido and Joker entered into a business agreement some time ago. Though why would Kaido personally travel to Dressrosa? That much remains unclear.

The World Government itself has repeatedly denied the allegations that Doflamingo or any Warlord is affiliated with the Underworld, but we at this publication remain unconvinced. Though for clarity’s sake, our allegations have never been proven, and we’re not ashamed to admit that.

Our final story this week has to do with an unexpected petition from the Kingdom of Alabasta. This one, we must admit, caught us by surprise. Alabasta has been in a state of sheer panic for the past two years, as rumors of rampant abuse of power by the Nefeltari family and agitation from a large bounty hunter organization called Baroque Works have made this massive Island a pain-point for the World Government. However, in a shocking twist, the Nefeltari family this week released an official petition to the World Government claiming that the head of Baroque Works is actually Sir Crocodile of the Seven Warlords, and that he has been secretly attempting to overthrow the Kingdom of Alabasta for more than two years now. The Nefeltari family insists that Crocodile have his status of Walord rescinded, which would undoubtedly mean that the Marines would be forced to arrest him.

On this, Commodore Brannew did release an official statement:

“We find the Nefeltari family’s claims to be extremely unlikely. However, we are sending a team to Alabasta to investigate, and we will take appropriate actions as needed.”

The accusation that the head of a huge criminal organization like Baroque Works, is actually a Warlord abusing his power and attempting to overthrow a World Government affiliated Kingdom is an extremely scandalous one indeed!!

More on all stories as they develop, and to make sure you are receiving the truest and most accurate information possible, stay tuned to the World Economic Times!!

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